Finals Week and Joining the Dark Side

Sunday, December 7, 2008

So it's finals week. Meaning either no posts or archives being thrown up. Sorry, but grades come first.

Also, my new 18 month old computer crapped out. Guess I get what I pay for... Anyways, have a new Macbook. Trying something new, and so far all I can say is I am still recovering from the hemorrhage inducing price tag and trying to learn to use the damn thing. I know there is a faux-right click button but damn it, it's not the same. Learning a whole new system is driving me absolutely batshit loco. Anywhose, back to the books I go. I miss Control+C/V/A, they made life easy. This thing is just hard to use.

I guess though, at only two hours in, there is a learning curve. Any and all advise or little hints or tricks for a beginner are more than welcome and are, indeed, encouraged. My technological abilities are endearing in their total ineffability.

Okay back to work I go. In the words of Tigger, "TTFN - Ta-ta for now!"


  1. Firstly, we're not the dark side, we're a cult, so we throw a lot more parties (I'd advise BYOB though). As for the nuances of switching, command (apple button) serves as control for all of the normal commands such as copy, paste, etc. Ctrl+click = right click. And get used to using expose, you'll never remember how you lived w/o it once you do.

    Enjoy it.

  2. I went through the same PC withdrawals that you're experience when I first got my Mac, but don't worry similar shortcuts exist.

    Instead of Ctrl V/C/X whatever, use Command V/C/X whatever. Most of the shortcuts are the same.

    Hope this helps!

  3. haha, in my family anything non-Mac is 'the dark side'! :)

  4. Good luck on finals!! I passed my boards and other than step 2 and step 3, I'll never have to do that again... EVER. Much less finals, I'll never have to do that again! Woot!!

    Good luck with the Mac... I don't want to USE one, I just want to have one so I can LOOK at it. Mmmmmm, Macbook Air... with all solid state HD.... mmmmmmmm. Delicioso.

  5. Just thought I'd mention, the easiest way to right click is the two-fingers-at-the-same-time-tap-click.

    And I think you'll prefer you new Mac once you get used to it, give yourself a day or two.

  6. Good luck with finals! I'm currently drowning in papers and reports too. Have fun with the Mac. I just got mine after years of PC-ing and I love it. They are awesome!

  7. Just a suggestion: Did you buy your 18-month-old computer and charge it to a credit card? A lot of credit card companies will automatically double the warranty for up to an additional year (most computers)...and they'll actually honor that warranty. So check into it...and if you still have to buy a new computer, it's worth it to charge the cost to a credit card for that extra warranty.


  8. If it makes you feel better about your finals, I have a adolescent psychology end of the year paper due tomorrow where I have to analyze my own adolescence. Ugh.

  9. Mary - Adolensence: awkward and uncomfortable. There, I hope I get due credit on your paper. ;)

  10. Welcome to the other side. You just have to start getting really up close and personal with the command key. Just substitute it for mostly every shortcut where you use control. Hopefully, you'll get used to it soon. I promise you'll like this side after you start getting comfortable.

  11. You can also plug a mouse into the computer - or mine is a little bluetooth travel one - and right-click the same way you always do.


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