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Friday, December 5, 2008

I try my best to resist on-line fads or groups. It's like this... I have a myspace and a facebook page. Doesn't mean I use them or check them regularly. Still, I do have them if for any reason to avoid being some kind of social pariah. So yes, I have a twitter account. I may update it with new post alerts or to bitch about Eat Beast once in a blue moon. I also do something that I generally avoid on the blog - swear like a crack-dealin', ho-baggin', Catholic school girl. Which I might add, I do a LOT of in life not on the net but make a conscious effort to avoid here.

Still, it's a neat way to kind of keep in touch with some of the other food bloggers I know, and they occasionally make me laugh, inform me, or make some poignant thought. You can follow me at


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