Traveling Tajine Project Update #1

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Traveling Tajine Project has started with Ann Rolke, blogger for Sacatomato. A resident food writer here in Sac and a known cookbook author I figured she would be the right person to start us off.

She's developed a great chicken tajine recipe for everyone to check out. I have to note that this tajine is not the greatest heavy duty piece of equipment like more traditional ones. In theory you can use a tajine over a low gas flame and easily move it from stove-top to oven. However, ones from Crate & Barrel have a tendency to crack over direct heat that is any hotter than a low setting. This tajine is my second one as the first one cracked and nearly broke in two after attempting to simmer over a low gas flame. As such, you may have to get a bit creative or use a second pot to do any simmering (take note future TTP participants!).

Anywhose, Ann did a great job working around that little issue and came out with a a great dish (and an interesting idea that you should all read about, I'm curious to see if it works!).


  1. Hi Garrett!
    A friend of mine who is far more knowledgeable than I about the food blogosphere sent me to your blog. I am so happy to have discovered it, and my colleagues and I at Bitchin'Kitchen look forward to following it.

  2. On a whim I recently bought a can on "Tajine Spice" mix from Williams-Sonoma but am kind of clueless about substituting it in recipes which call for the ingredients already included in the mix. Anyone have any ideas about a good amount (2 Tbs?) and it also doesn't include do I add this to a pre-combined spice mix without tasting like a Moroccan restaurant exploded in my mouth?


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