Some Updates and BLAMS

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

-Also, 'muh tree is up. Yes, it's November. No, I don't care. See Cid the Cat? Cid cares. Cid basks in the righteous glow of a Christmas tree put up the day after Thanksgiving.-

Hey all, sorry, but I have no proper post this week. I've had about as much time to sit down and write this week as Glee has time to develop well-rounded character arcs. Which, if you watched anything past season 2, means absolutely none.

It's not that I encourage dealing out excuses for my short-fallings of which there are many - both valid and otherwise - but I sorta just got wrecked from all sides this last week. My new job has had me developing a database of every single counselor and financial aide officer in every high school and college in Northern California and Colorado, which has been sort of all-encompassing (read: suffocating). A million days later and a few more relatives later with the fact that Brian and I hosted a rather packed family Thanksgiving and I am drained. This also included keeping said family members entertained and occupied for three days.

Oof. I have been freebasing Advil for days.

Needless to say, blogging fell by the wayside a bit. It's not that the blog is unloved this week it's just, "Blog, go away and leave mommy alone for a minute because she needs a drink goddamnit." Let me tell you that once I hit the publish button me and this bottle of Zin next to me are going to bake some scones and be all swagger next to the Christmas tree that is already up in my living room because I loves me a tree up in November.

Don't judge me on this. I will end you.

Anyways... I have some updates and you like those right? BLAM! So here they are:

BLAM 1: I am blogging once again at Epi-Log. I love writing there because the scholarly and fecund writers who blog there are crunk as shit. For some reason they invite me into the treehouse to party with them. This gives me the opportunity to write about a host of different topics and develop all kinds of posts that I don't do on the blog like interviews and detailed book reviews. Smitten.

BLAM 2: The book website is up and running and I'm posting there, too. So that's keeping me busy as hell. I love the book. I love the website. But sometimes it's like your child or loved one. You adore them and all but once in a while you just want to kick them in their bitch face. Still, all that work that goes into it? The results are dazzling.

Anyways, the posts are super cheese informative. I encourage you to begin visiting it regularly.

BLAM 3: The cookbook website has a sign-up list for the Melt Newsletter. What is on said newsletter? Well, once every month it'll update you on where the book is, give you sneak peaks, teach you about nifty new cheeses, discuss cheese science, and provide a bevy of whey cool links and info for your curd nerd self.

BLAM 4: The Melt Facebook Page. You know you like it. Admit it.

BLAM 5: I am not artsy-craftsy, but these people are and I love their style. A Pair of Pears is a blog worth following for inspiration.

So there we are. That's all my BLAMS (and aren't those more fun than bullet points?).

I'll be back with a post proper next week.

Garrett out.


  1. I am jealous of your day after Thanksgiving tree. This was the first year that I have to wait until the end of the month for payday. The thing I love most about xmas is a real tree smell in the house, covered in decorations that I spent far too much money on. I kind of have a Hallmark collectible ornament problem.


  2. "Blog, go away and leave mommy alone for a minute because she needs a drink goddamnit." killing me.

  3. I love your non-food updates :)

    Let's get together and free base advil together sometime, mmk? :)

  4. My hubby told me he is working on Christmas lights next week.we will see promise may be kept by him sometime. I love your non-food stories.

  5. I really like what you have to say about your blog...really do since that's how I feel but I don't say it. :-)

    1. Well, it's like children. You love them, but sometimes just god...

  6. Love your writing!! You make me feel better about the running transcript in my head. Will wait until next week for more, do you do Christmas recipes or is that considered trite?


  7. Wow, you put your tree up early! My friends here put it up in the 2nd week of Dec or so(or maybe that's just them/England) Nevertheless, it looks extremely pretty! :)
    And I love your little updates. Your updates on the melt website are really interesting, btw. Never thought there was so much science (well, biology) behind cheese!


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