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Friday, June 23, 2006

Plank grilling is starting to become quite the rage, and it seems to be popping up everywhere this summer. For those of you unaware of what plank grilling is, well, it's exactly what it sounds like; grilling on a plank of wood. Basically, the wood gives an added dimension of flavor and aroma to whatever it is you're cooking. Thus a woodsy, smokey taste can be obtained without the hassel of using a traditional smoker or a labor intensive pit.

Clever, no?

Local Nor Cal residents Michelle Lowery and Dina Guillen recently co-authored, The Plank Grilling Cookbook: Infuse Food with More Flavor. The book covers how to add wonderful smokey flavors using an easy and exciting technique thats sure to wow your friends. You'll also find that Plank Grilling is bursting with recipes from fish and beef, to veggies and desserts. If you're a beginner, then no problems there either. These grillin' girls were sure to include plenty of advice on how to pick and choose a good plank, and how to care for it so it'll last grill after grill.

They'll be putting on some demonstrations as well, so make sure you go check them out!
June 29th: Thursday Night Market - Sutter Street, Folsom
July 6th: Thursday Night Market - Sutter Street, Folsom
July 8th: 2 pm, Taylor's Market, 2900 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento

Don't miss a great chance to eat locally, and read locally!


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