Diner's Picks, Garlic Fest, & Yogurtland

Monday, July 24, 2006

Three special topics to cover today, all of them of vital interest. I suggest you go read them now. As in go. Now. DO IT!
Diner's Picks
Sacramento Magazine did their annual Subscriber's Choice Awards. If you don't know where to go when it comes to dining, it's a great place to start, offering what Sac residents consider to be the best of the best.

Of course, the only problem with this is that only Sacramento Magazine subscribers, and of them only food lovers, the non-lazy food lovers, participated in this. In theory that means it really should be the creme de la creme, but I have seen a few on the list that in no reason what-so-ever can I figure out why it's on the list. Plus, the list does not give any reason as to why it was picked by voters. It's like a high school popularity contest for prom. Not that I'm bitter. I swear. I didn't want to wear the Prom Queen King crown at all... *cry*.
Gilroy Garlic Festival
Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world is having it's annual Garlic Festival this weekend. I heart driving through Gilroy. I love smelling garlic for miles as you come into, go through, and leave the area. Le sigh...

Anyways, this is a great chance to really feast on garlic laced food like, garlic chicken, sauteed garlic, and garlic ice cream to name a few. There are also three stages of music, plenty of places to shop and buy arts and crafts, and plenty of garlic foods and garlic paraphernalia. All proceeds from tickets go to help local non-profits, so help the community out and eat some garlic.

Garlic lovers, this is heaven.
Yogurt Land
Elise from Simply Recipes alerted me to a great Nor Cal blogger (I know Folsom isn't Sac, but hey, close enough and this is a great blog). Yogurt Land is written by Fethiye, a native of Turkey who moved to California. Reading her blog you'll find some fantastic pictures, mouth watering writing, and some excellent and unique recipes.

I loved Turkey when I got to visit it, and the food was to die for. It was nice to see one or two recipes I recognized and scribbled down so as to make them this weekend. I highly suggest you go check it out and prep your shopping list.


  1. An entire festival devoted to garlic? With a COOK-OFF? Le sigh indeed!

    Garrett, please tell me you'll be participating in the cook-off!

    (I'm so excited I'm abusing exclamation points.)

  2. Sadly, no. I'm just going for the visit. I missed the deadline anyways.
    Plus, it's gonna be 100 degrees. Be over a hot grill/BBQ/stove in that heat? Heeeellllls no. LOL. But thanks for the rousing support.
    He he.

  3. Hi, Kim from book club here. That Sacramento magazine list has several pathetic picks. Old Spaghetti Factory as best of the best? Sure, if you like watered down fake Italian food. Chipotle for best burrito? I suppose, if you like McDonald's style Mexican. And choosig Starbucks as best coffehouse is just sad. I could go on about the pathetic choices on this list, but I'm just too sad.


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