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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Well, that time of year has come again, the State Fair is in full swing and that means it almost time to get crazy drunk at the ever wonderful annual California Grape and Gourmet event! Sadly, I cannot go this year. (I work for a Non-Profit. It's called that for a reason.)

What is this event you ask? Well it's a special fundraising event, California wine contest, and social gala of Cali's great food and wine people. More than 600 medal-winning wines from over 200 vineyards in California will be showcasing their wines. You'll also have the oppotunity to taste practically every single one (make sure to spit for this event), and purchase some of truly noble bottles. A perfect chance to sip the best that California has to offer. Local restaurants will provide food. A perfect chance to get to know some of the local restaurants and see a display of California's colorful and luxurious edible bounty.

Tickets are $50 in advance, $60 at the door, and all proceeds go into a scholarship fund, which might pay to send someone into the UCD Eneology Dept. And it's in everyone's best interest to encourage the future's next great wine maker.


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