Dual Post: -More Validation of My Fabulousness- & - So Long, Dear Friends-

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Make sure you pick up a copy of Sacramento Magazine today. Why? Well, it's the annual food issue, so it's a quick way to get the nitty gritty on everything food wise here in the Sac area.

Another reason is a mini review I did on Moshi Moshi was published on page 266. Shibby indeed if I do say so! Sadly, no shout out to Vanilla Garlic in particular, but my name in print is still a happy thing.

Ann and Jennifer of Sacatomato also got a full page spread. It's awesome and worth reading! Be sure to check it out!


Yesterday was my last day at work before I start my new position in Sac. I admit I got zilch done except say goodbyes. I actually thought I would be really excited and happy, but really I was just depressed while trying to keep a smile on my face.

I had to say goodbye to some truly fabulous people today. Well, maybe not goodbye, but just a "See you later," as I won't be seeing them every day anymore.

They made me a banner to say goodbye. We went out to a fabu dinner to chat and just be friends and throw off the co-worker personas, even if it was just for two hours. They even surprised me with a special cupcake courier. (Which you know will get use often.)

So to Megan, Andrea, Cara, David, Kristen, Taibou, Katrine, Audrey of course, and everyone else; thank you.

And don't worry, I'll send some more cupcakes soon.


  1. I just picked up that issue this morning...congrats on the published review! Outside of this fabulous blog, of course:-) -K

  2. That's awesome to have your name in print! You are indeed fabulous, it's officially validated. Not that your uber shibbiness was ever in question!:)

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  3. bu-bye. Hope you were able to actually work today. Your old desk is so quiet and bare.


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