How To Korean BBQ (Oz Korean BBQ - Sacramento, California)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Welcome to a step by step guide on how to enjoy Korean BBQ.

Step 1: Get in your car and go to Oz. Do not let the Denny's-ish outside facade and close proximity to the freeway fool you. Once you have entered, take a moment and awe at just how spacious the interior really is.

Step 2: Sit at a table. You have an option of one with a grill where you or your waitperson can grill the food, or one without where it will be prepared in the kitchen. Go for the grill if you can (make a reservation on weekends for dinner). Relax and take in the highly industrial, yet surprisingly cozy atmosphere.

Step 3: Go through the menu and make your choices. One grill entree can easily feed two people (they say otherwise), but variety is the spice of life and makes for a better meal. Whatever you don't eat makes great leftovers the next day.

Step 3-A: If you are having trouble deciding, get the crab wontons to keep you happy while you peruse the menu. Surprisingly tasty, these set the bar for crab wontons. Sweet, salty, and with that delicious crisp without a lot of soggy grease, it is the epitome of what a crab wonton should be.

Step 3-B: If you still cannot decide the Rancho Galbi - a marinated prime beef short rib is an excellent choice. Hearty cut fillets of prime beef short rib are dripping in a yummy, slightly sweet sauce that just makes your mouth wake up. The Bul-Go-Gi, thinly sliced prime sirloin marinated in Korean BBQ sauce is sweet, spicy and simply playful in it's taste and simplicity. But for both, the true depth of flavor comes from their being cooked at your table at the personal grill right in front of you.

The Tokyo X, oh-so-shibby marinated pork belly meat, has to be grilled in the kitchen however, due to the smoke and spatter. However if you are willing to forgo the flair n' flare, a tasty meal will await you.

Step 4: Take a piece of grilled meat and roll it up in a lettuce wrap, a variety of extras tp add such as peppers and sliced garlic. It's truly a step in a new direction away from you everyday taco or pita.

Step 5: Panchan (vegetable side dishes) will be provided. About 8-10 dishes of them. Traditional Korean meals are often accompanied with white starchy rice and a variety of pickled vegetables. Not kosher pickles mind you, but pickled spinach with feta, salty strands of seaweed, two style of kimchi (both powerfully strong), pickled sprouts, and other delectables await you. If that were not enough, a individual tin of rice is also provided.

6: The meal will end with a delicious cup of sweet rice water. It perfectly cleanses the palette and finishes the meal on a light note.

I hope you enjoy your experience at Oz. Perfect for a fun and interactive date, or a rambunctious night with friends, Oz will provide a truly interactive and exciting meal where flavors are exciting with each and every bite.

Oz Korean B.B.Q.
3343 Bradshaw Road
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 362-9292


  1. I haven't had a good Korean BBQ in years. Might have it for lunch tomorrow.

  2. Oh I really shouldn't have read that, now I REALLY need to go find some breakfast!

    Looks YUMMY!


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