My Chili Pepper Story

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fernanda recently brought this little memory back to mind, and I figured I would share it with all of you. I'm also writing this at some unholy hour (did you know that there's a 3 am now?) since I cannot sleep so blah.

Flashback to about 3 years ago when I was living in a cappy little second story apartment. I was attempting to make some curry from scratch when something got in my eye. I scratched at it out then looked back the the chili pepper I was working with.

Well shit.

The next few minutes the pain starts to slowly increase. I am litterally throwing water in my face, wiping my eyes with a wet towel, even splashing milk in my eye. In my head that sounded like something that would work since you drink milk when you eat something too spicy. Sadly, it just made me start to smell. By this time my eye was bright frickin' red.

If you had happened to be walking past my apartment, you would have seen me at this point running screaming down a flight of stairs, jumping over the fence surrounding the pool, and jumping in shoes, shirt, and all.

I opened my eyes to instant relief. I also learned how to open my eyes underwater (before chlorine would sting too much, now it's not so much of a bother). I walked back, changed clothes, dried off, and went back to chopping the pepper. I also ruined a good pair of suede shoes.

The moral of the story? Kick off your suede shoes before you work with chili peppers. Good night everybody.


  1. I've never left you a comment before but i've been reading it - your chilli story make me shake with laughter. Beff (London)

  2. Lol that would have been a wonderful sight to see....u jumping in the pool...(haha..i'm sorry...but i cant help it...u jumped in with ur shoes n all )
    i just hate it when u have chilli all over.Sometimes when my chilli hands touch my face even my cheeks ,forehead,lips ....everything touch starts burning....everything...!
    so have to bloody carefull with that stuff.Its dangerous.


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