Saturday, March 17, 2007

I’m a definite subscriber to the old adage “It is better to give, than to receive.” I enjoy being able to make people happy, and the joy it brings me when they are happy. The cupcake experiments are all about joy.* I get to practice baking and work on new recipes, Rob eats them, I eat them, and my friends and co-workers eat them. I get the joy of baking and the joy of giving. It’s all very shibby.

I also encourage feedback. Letting me know something seemed a bit tart, or that maybe adding another layer of flavor, or toasting the nuts first are all very helpful, and have often helped to create a better cupcake.

But sometimes it’s not quite so. Take the last cupcake for example. I caught one person throwing the cupcake in the trash; we'll call the person Anon(ymous). I assumed they got the spicy one, so I smiled and laughed a bit and asked Anon if she had an unlucky pick.

“No, I just don’t like Kahlua or coffee.”


Now forgive me, but I know I put a sign up saying specifically what kind of cupcake it was and the sign lets you know there's coffee and Kahlua in the damn cupcake. “Well, there was a sign up letting you know that both were in it.”

“Well I thought it wouldn’t taste like it.”

“Uh… well… coffee tastes like coffee and Kahlua tastes like Kahlua.”

“So you made these?”

“Yes, I did.” I spent last night making these so people would enjoy them not carelessly take a bite knowing they would throw the rest in the trash when they wouldn't like them you dumb skeaze.

“Well, next time just do chocolate. Oh maybe raspberry, I love that! Thanks!” Then Anon smiled, turned around, and left.

Thing is, this is some new person. I have no idea who Anon is, she didn’t even introduce herself. Heck, Anon might not even work in that office. Normally I would say something polite (which would slowly turn to bitchy and sociopathic if the conversation continued) but I was in too much stunned silence to speak.

Seriously, what is wrong with people!? Next time, I put liquid mercury in Anon's cupcake. I’ll even put up a sign for her and put it on her desk saying what kind it is. Cause if history repeats itself, then maybe she’ll think it won’t taste like it.

*Except during the baking when I have to try and lock up Eat Beast in the bedroom so he doesn’t try to eat everything. How does something so fat run so fast? He must also know somehow that baking is about to occur and that means a chance to steal baked goods and then run off with them under the bed. Seriously, I need to tape that damn cat running with an entire cupcake in his mouth and put it on Youtube.


  1. Wow, some people aren't too sharp. I've also never heard of anyone not liking coffee or Kalhua...sounds like an amazing cupcake to me! I'm looking forward to that cat/cupcake video:-) -K

  2. what a strange person... i'd want to smack her upside the head. if anything, have the decency to throw it out way out of sight. or of course, have the decency to try a bite of somebody else's or let people who DO like coffee and kahlua eat the cupcakes!!! people can be so ridiculous...

  3. first of all, the person is a wack job for not liking coffee and kahlua. especially together!

    secondly, I can see taking a bite or two and then throwing it away even if the person liked it...because the person didn't want to over-indulge...although, I would probably see the hard work you put into them and try to cut one in half leaving the other half on the plate so that someone else could have the other half--maybe someone else who is watching their portions, too.

    i can't believe the person made a special request for you like you are her personal baker...

  4. Ooooooooh that is why I have a select group of cupcake tasters. They know the rules.

    If I ever make something that they are unsure of, they know that I would much rather they didn't try it, rather than waste it.

    But they are all too scared that they will be dropped as a cupcake taster to break the rules!!! I get grief if any one of them misses a cupcake tasting as it is.

    You should make anon a super rich chocolate mud cupcake and see if she finishes that!

  5. You should have told her that the taste must be so strong because it is responding to her rude and dumb vibe!

  6. You should make her a habanero cupcake and tell her to try it and see if she likes it better than the Kahlua.

    How rude can you be? If someone makes something and I am not sure if I will like it, then I ask to try to piece of someone's first to see how I feel about it. How hard is it to think of that? If you don't want to do that, then just skip it this one time.

  7. Awww, baby doll. Tell that bitch she is now grounded from eating the cupcakes.

    I heart me some cupcakes and always wish you lived closer so I could munch on your deliciousness (pun intended).


  8. "next time, make something that i know i'll like."

    what a psycho.

  9. I just went through a similar situation, except "Anon" told me to stick with "regular flavors". I wanted to smack her also! ooooh! I hate mean people! Garrett your cupcakes are always devine. Your officemate is such a _____. (ya know)

  10. Wow. How rude.

    I feel your pain with Eatbeast - mine gets into the flour. Loves the stuff. If I am dumb enough to walk away for a millisecond, I come back to flour everywhere and a once-black cat turned white.

  11. Oh that would annoy me as well! What did she expect it to taste like? Strawberries? So rude!

  12. Wow. Logic would suggest that one who hates kahlua or coffee would stray from reading a recipe that so very clearly reads with those ingredients in there.

    Pfft. Don't let it get to you.

  13. What an obnoxious person! And a waste of good cupcake!!!

  14. Did you call her a see you next tuesday? I would have done.

  15. ^^^ anon took the words right out of my mouth!! Really unbelievable. No more cupcakes for her.


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