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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You know, you would think after spending a morning waking up at 6 am on a Sunday to go to a warehouse and unload whole palettes of peanut butter, cookies, jelly, Mac n' Cheese, and packaging up God knows how many peanuts, or making 800 tuna sandwiches, you would never do it again.

But you would be so flippin' wrong.

On Sunday I, Elise, Andrea, Madeline, and Ann all came to volunteer at the Sacramento Food Bank. My friends Katrine and Penelope also came along to pitch in and work the bag lunch station, while we bloggers labored on the palettes.

It was an excellent experience. Sure it left you tired, sweaty, dirty, and a bit sore, but we - along with many other volunteers from local high schools - made over 800 bag lunches for low to no income families and people, and stocked the food locker, a sort of grocery store for those who cannot afford groceries can get a weeks supply of staple food for free.

We were able to talk, catch up, chat about blogging (seriously, when no one else wants to listen getting together with other food bloggers get us clucking like a hen house), and know that our efforts would actually help someone. Plus, we also talked a bit about food theory, culture, and how food affects people locally and globally. We all learned something new from each other. Afterward we headed for a cup of coffee and just caught up with each other's lives and discussed (of course) food politics. It was just an all around enjoyable and educational day.

I myself am insanely lucky. I actually get to keep a website where I can write restaurant reviews, critique food, and experiment with recipes on a daily basis. To all the readers out there, as people who enjoy food, see if you can take time for a rewarding experience and try to help out at your local food bank so others can appreciate what we take for granted.

Food banks especially need people to come help during the summer months when schools aren't in session and the clubs and after school activities aren't doing community service projects. Please, look up your local food bank and sign up for a truly rewarding day.

Sacramento Food Bank
3333 3rd Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 456-1980

Second Harvest Volunteer Match
California Association of Food Banks


  1. Excellent post Garrett! That was a day well spent.

    By the way, that photo looks like the stand-ins for "Friends" posing on the couch for the lighting crew to make adjustments. That is of course, like 7 years ago.. :)

  2. Thanks for organizing us Garrett, although next time I am going to be more careful about posing for pictures....

  3. Acme - it was a fun day for sure!

    Madeline - Bah, we all look like crap. It was a hard days work.

    Minko - I try. :)

  4. I think it was the getting up early part that was difficult. Getting up early and being a functional human, that is.

    Really fun to see everyone, and to help out at the food bank. Thank you so much Garrett for organizing!

  5. You guys are awesome...what a wonderful entry! :)

    I love the picture of ya'll too! :)


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