Eat Beast Update #4 - The Potluck Sin, Fatty Strikes Again!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I committed a total potluck sin today, or what's a sin in my eyes at least. I brought store bought, pre-made brownies. I have a valid excuse though, so hear me out.

I was making the trusted Chipotle Cinnamon Coco cupcakes again since I was crunched for time and money. Suddenly Rob called me out to the other room, so I left the completed batter unattended. No sooner did I walk back out but what do I see? Mace, the Eat Beast, has both paws in the batter and his head literally half buried in it to the point where his ears cupped over the batter so I don't know if he could actually hear me yelling at him.

It was akin to if you had a large bowl of soup, and then stuck your entire head in as a quick way of eating to eliminate any middle men like hands or utensils. He was actually eating with his head almost fully submerged in cake batter.

He then came up for air, saw me, and knowing he was in trouble took off to hide from getting swatted or squirted with water. In the process, of course, flinging cupcake batter E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. Then of course I had to clean the apartment and him. The batter was of course unusable to all but Eat Beast.

Silly me for not gaurding the bowl with sliced limes. Damn cat.


  1. Holy moly Eat Beast, the whole head in the batter. That is a cat who really likes his food. I don't blame you for getting the store baked brownies. Desperate times call for desperate measures, you are forgiven.

  2. This one is a bit off-message but have you ever made any cupcake or muffin with cucumber.
    We are stumbling around trying to find some different cucumber recipes for our Great Big Veg Challenge. My son Freddie has loved some of your other recipes - have you any cucumber treats hidden on the site somewhere?

  3. Veg - Sorry, I do not. I think Heidi of 101 Cookbooks has a cucumber cupcake though, though I cannot vouch for it as I never had one.

  4. Oy vey! That's serious. He's clearly earned his Eat Beast nickname.

    My fatty kitchen demon likes to get into stuff too, but he's not a turn your back and it's gone type. He waits for the quiet moment to stick his head in my dinner or lick all of the cinnamon sugar off of homemade donoughts. He and Eat Beast would probably be fast, food stealin' friends.

  5. Wow, that cat is crazy!!

    Well, maybe not so crazy. I'll bet the batter was delicious. Were I in the place of the Eat Beast, I might also have done it :)

  6. My god, that's like an acre of cat!

  7. Oh your kitty looks like my kitty! I call Sebastian my teacup panther because he's so huge - hehe. How funny that he got into the batter - did the chipotle fare well with him???

  8. My cat used to nibble on the bread I kept on my kitchen table. I would come home and find the corner of the loaf chewed off. But that's nothing compared to batter flung all over the kitchen.

  9. ROFL!!! Gahhh I love your cat and Sher's cat. Crack me up everytime I read about them. My husband's take on cats? JUST SAY NO! Booo! Hiss!

  10. This is laugh out loud funny!

    Great picture too!


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