Moving Sucks -or- My Everything Hurts

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm moving right now, and just got my internet back up. I am typing on the floor now. I have to go unload a U-HAUL still, and while I now have a gas range, PG&E screwed me over hard so now I get to wait until Tuesday for hot water and the ability to cook.

Ann of Sacatomato will be doing a book signing today in a few hours, so go check that out at Taylor's Market from 4-6.

Two cupcake recipes coming soon, both with rhubarb. Very yummy cupcakes. As soon as I settle in and sleep a bit. Plus an essay and a restaurant review, assuming my brain still works by then.

Also, Cakegrrl is back, so make sure you check her out. Must go; lungs collapsing from breathing in so much dust. Brain no worky so good. Hungry. No food in house. Eat Rob soon.

Itchy itchy.

p.s. (Will anyone get that joke or it's reference? If you can, I'll totally name the next cupcake after you.)


  1. But rhubarb is just red celery, right? Why would anyone put them in cupcakes? :-)

  2. Crappy U-haul vans and a storage unit that smells of bug spray. Ah, the joys of moving. :) At least that's what it's like down here in SF. Hopefully it's a more pleasant experience in Sac/Davis.

  3. Good luck with your move! I hate moving. Hang in there- it'll be over before you know it!!!


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