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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jr. Chef Central© presents

Kids Culinary Convention – Sacramento !

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Calling All Young People Who Like To Cook OR Eat!

Imagine…500 young people, ages 10-15, representing a mix of cultures, ethnicities and experiences, coming together to share their common interest in food & cooking! It’ll happen at the Kids Culinary Convention!

It’s a full day devoted to all things food with ‘Hand’s on’ cooking sessions!

Pasta & Bread Making, Dessert Decorating, Grilling & Sushi Making

All classes are taught by top chefs, culinary instructors and food industry professionals

$45 per person includes all classes, breakfast, lunch, buffet reception and loads of other good stuff!

This event, the first ever of its kind in the nation, includes workshops and presentations covering a variety of culinary topics presented in a kid-focused environment. These sessions are designed to:

  1. Help kids make smart food choices (classes include Nutrition, Menu Planning and How To Select Fresh Produce and Meats)
  2. Teach them self-sufficiency (classes include Recipe Preparation, Knife Skills & Safety)
  3. Build their confidence (classes include) Dining Etiquette and Food Presentation

Advance their knowledge (classes include Essential Ingredients, Tools & Equipment for Cooking)

Held at the Antioch Progressive Family Life Center on Amherst Street in South Sacramento , Jr. Chef Central’s first Kids Culinary Convention is a non-profit event created by Jr. Chef Cooking Camp founder and Girl Scout Troop 1198 Co-leader Karla Lacey-Minors.

Advance registration is required. For more information, including a list of Chef’s, sponsors and the day’s schedule, visit, or call (916) 691-4323.

Jr. Chef Central© is a not-for-profit program. Our goals are: to teach kids to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and, by extension, their families; and to focus on the common denominator of food to bridge cultural, social and economic divides among young people.


  1. Garrett thank you so much for this post. I have just registered my son and sent in my check, what a great Event!! I would never have known about it!


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