Chocolate Tasting with Ginger Elizabeth

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I know I posted about this before, but after a chocolate tasting class with Ginger Elizabeth, I highly encourage you to visit, or if you live out of town call, and get some of the best chocolate you will ever try. Period.

I organized a chocolate tasting class with some other local bloggers and food writers. Learning about the process of growing chocolate, how to taste and compare, and how to better appreciate chocolate was just amazing. She even provided us with some cocoa nibs, pure cocoa butter, and a brands and flavor pairings of chocolate such as Meyer lemon and dark chocolate.

It's always inspiring to see someone who is so impassioned about their subject. She even spoke to us about her upcoming trip to Belize to learn to make chocolate they way the Belizians do. I would write more about our experience, but you can read my impressions of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates when the Spring 2008 issue of Edible Sacramento comes out.

You can however see pictures and read up about the tasting at the following blogs:
Fernanda at Chucrute com Salsicha (who also took these amazing pictures!!!)
Andrea at Rookie Cookery
Photos by Ashley of Studio 707 (where you can see me in a hairnet *shudder*)


  1. I have been to Ginger Elizabeth only twice, but each time have been beyond impressed! The chocolates are heavenly (the Olmec Spice cannot be missed!) and the cookies (although probably overlooked) are beyond delicious and each one must be sampled and savored!!! There are not enough exclamation points to punctuate my love for this amazing new addition to Midtown!!

  2. I have been eying this place for quite sometime. I will have to go, now that you have reviewed it.

  3. This sounds like wonderful fun! Friends and chocolate... is there a better combination?!

  4. Hey, Handsome Guy! And slim. Well, great, now I just have to HATE you. I kid, I kid! : )

  5. I'm catching a plane right now to join you - camping outside - and going to Ginger Elizabeth.
    This is tantamount to torture having to read about chocolate tasting.


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