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Thursday, March 13, 2008

From the Winter Issue of Edible Sacramento, 2008. Be sure to get your subscription today. Eat Local, Read Local!

Peeling the painter's tape off of the display cases I look around at the shop which doesn't look quite finished but is slated to open in a few days. It seems impossible to me but they're determined and people are already stopping in every few minutes asking if they're open for business. Moving on to help Kristine wipe down the unrelenting streaks out of the glass we chat about cupcake recipe successes and failures, how much there is to do in so little time, and joke around. It isn't so much an interview as it is just hanging out with a few friends over bits of well frosted goodness.

Teresa arrives, cupcakes in tow, and we exchange pleasantries and hugs. The overall mood is warm and convivial despite the temple bludgeoning stress that accompanies opening any business. Still, everyone is warm and friendly despite my intrusion.

The shop is Babycakes, a new cupcake and sandwich shop run by Teresa, a cooking instructor at ARC, Kristine a pastry chef and old student of Teresa’s and their husbands Bertram and Chris. They recently opened over on J Street in Sac to an appreciative community, as we’re interrupted more than once by curious and hopeful patrons.

Teresa begins to pipe mounding swirls of cream cheese frosting on sugar roasted pumpkin cupcakes with walnuts and raisins and advises me as to creating the perfect frosting. "It’s 50% cream cheese, 50% butter, then just enough powdered sugar to sweeten it and maybe a bit of vanilla.” She then informs me about their meringue buttercream, using only fresh butter, “No margarine will ever walk through our door!”

Not just a simple cupcake shop, Babycakes is an enthusiastic proponent of using local, organic, and sustainable ingredients to put together its menu. The sandwiches use local bread baked by the Grateful Bread Company and their produce comes from Del Rio who provide for many other famous restaurants and bakeries in Sacramento.

The family built business also insists on keeping their cakes seasonal. You won’t be finding any strawberry cakes this winter (or any winter), but cranberries and winter squashes will make their appearance. Classic favorites like chocolate and vanilla will always be available.

The sandwiches consist of classic favorites with new twists such as smoked chicken salad sandwiches with celery, scallions, aioli and Del Rio greens on country bread. Another appetizing favorite is the natural ham with Jarlsberg cheese, Del Rio greens, marinated red onions and whole grain mustard. Vegetarians will also find their own options pleasing and delightful.

“Cupcakes are small, manageable, everyone gets what they want, and plus its cake!” they all beamed at me as they continued to ready for their grand opening.

The cupcake craze is sweeping the nation, and when you drop by Babycakes, you’ll find out why.

(Special Online Update - The chai and red velvet cupcakes are to die for. After now tasting practically every flavor they have to offer, I can see why they are always packed and so popular! Be sure to drop by!)

3675 J Street, Sacramento



  1. Oooh, must visit this one the next time I am in Sacramento!

  2. I've been to this place twice and sadly, I've been disappointed. The cakes were dry and unappetizing! But the frosting was delicious. I think I'd rather make my own though. When are they going to start serving sandwiches? I thought they were going to be a cupcake only place.

  3. Sorry you have been disappointed Amanda. I've never had a dry cupcake there yet. As for the sammiches, you would have to ask them.

  4. oh ho nice , wish someday i can open my own store or restaurant , or anything food related !!!!!


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