Brandy and Bandages

Saturday, June 14, 2008

So I had some nightmare last night, and in it when I was being attacked by someone I started flailing in bed. Apparently, while sleeping, the cat (Cid, the normally good one) was sitting right next to me trying to wake me up as he had all morning since he insisted on being fed at 5 am. As he was sitting right next to my facing making his "wake up and feed me" noises at the moment I began to flail, he got a full blown freak out and tried to run away.

On my face.

I now have a four inch long cut slivering down the side of my cheek from ear to mouth. It took me a few minutes to realize what had happened, I was still half asleep and wasn't feeling any pain per se, but felt something amiss. I patted my cheek a few times but my still waking eyes couldn't see any blood. I flipped on the light and in my hazy sight noticed the rusty steaks on my hand. I jumped out of bed for fear that i just stained my new bedsheets which was actually my primary concern at that moment, and ran downstairs.

Realizing I had no first-aid kit I went to the kitchen and grabbed some paper towels and the first bottle of liquor I could get my hands on. I washed it, cleaned it with the brandy, then used some antibacterial cream on it, and have been elevating my face.

I'm not too worried about walking around looking like I've been in a Bangkok knife fight, but concerned about a scar developing. Would be very sexy in an Aragorn rogue-like manner, but still, I would prefer to keep face looking pretty. (Meal ticket and all.)

Breakfast this morning, consequently, were frozen waffles from the toaster and a small glass of brandy.


  1. Wish you the best on the scarring issue. It seems like every cat scratch I've gotten this year has scarred. Star (the Bengal) is still very skittish and hates being held or picked up. My skin is a wreck all over!

  2. you're young and you'll heal quickly. now i'm trying to recover from my fall off the chair from laughing at this write. now i'm older and have more recovery time on my hands.

    happy sunday garrett . :)

  3. Mmmmmm... Aragorn.

    Deb's right - and faces heal well anyway. Ever notice the scar on my chin from when I got hit by a car? I didn't think so.

  4. Brandy for breakfast--sounds like the start to a great day. Sorry to hear about your face ;)

  5. I would take this seriously, just in case, especially since cats, much as we love 'em, are fairly filthy animals! Claws + litter=I'll say no more.
    Neosporin on the wound really does reduce long-term scarring. I used it when my then-kitten slashed my schnozz, and I'm still beautiful--or as beautiful as ever I was. :)

  6. I have had success with a huge scar under my chin using Vitamin E. Once the wound had healed, I got the caplets of Vitamin E (the ones with a gel or liquid inside) and pieced the caplet to get the gooey stuff inside out and rubbed that on my chin. 40 stitches and no scar. Might be worth a shot!

    Love your blog. Thanks for all the great Sacramento eating treats.


  7. YES on the vitamin E to prevent scarring.

    YES on using anti-bacterial stuff on it. (Neosporin)

    Brandy was a good emergency idea, both external and internal use.

    I'm really sorry you had this encounter but glad your eyes are unhurt! I think you will be fine.

    Wish I'd known about the vitamin E thing when I was pregnant. Stretch marks-- whoa!


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