PDA -or- Getting to Second Base Behind the Black Angus at 5 PM

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm not exactly the conservative type, for the most part I'm pretty laid back about things, people, and what people want to be or do. As long as you don't inconvenience me or piss me off in the process, I don't care. I will laugh at your emo poetry jams. I will mentally beg the powers that be to curse you if take forever to order your coffee. I will smack you with a stick if you take too long trying to find pennies at the drug store to buy a stick of gum. I will get pissy if you make a damn fool of yourself or have bad manners that even a hobo would cringe at.

Still, I'm human. I put my elbows on the table at times (except when my parents are armed with a fork at the dinner table, ow) and I can burp the lyrics to Mama Mia thank-you-boy-scouts-and-ABBA. I also do not mind public displays of affection, or PDA. Holding hands, quick kisses, butterfly eyes, and passionate kisses all are awesome and encouraged. I think it's sweet and innocent.

However (and there is a however) there is such a thing as going to far. Trying to swallow each other's faces over dinner? Too much. Trying to get your date off under the table with your foot while you daintily cut your steak? Just wait for the check and take it home. Doing it in the restaurant bathroom? Don't, I have to pee.

I mean, given, we've all had our risque moments out in public. There is a certain thrill and fun about them. I know I did it in the UC Davis Library. And the arboretum. Twice. But still, they were places of discretion. Not broad daylight for an audience.

Take yesterday for example, Rob and I were taking the back exit from a shopping plaza here in Sacramento, near Arden and Watt. The back way out isn't nearly as busy, but it's hardly what I would call desolate. As we moved towards the exit to the street I looked to my side...

"Hey, look there! Are they...?" I questioned with a smile of surprise and a bit of shock.

"Wow. Look at them go. In broad daylight no less." Rob actually slowed the car down. What else would you do? It's California, people slow down their cars for a lone boot in the road.

"Honk the horn at them!!! It'll be funny!" Because I'm a nice person.

"No! But wow, second base. Still next to a busy street, it's not like it's a good hiding place or anything. Everyone who takes a second to look around will see them," noted Rob.

"Still, behind the Black Angus against the dumpster? Ew."

Rob agreed, "Yeah, a bit too trashy." (Very punny.)

Rob pulled the car our of the parking lot and onto the road. "Still," I said, "I hope I can be that kinky when I turn seventy."

"Seriously. Go them." Rob concurred.


  1. LOL I don't know, I think they gravitate to you. Yes, we have all have done things in public or semi-public that we probably shoudn't have.. only you would see it. And I take it geriatric at that?

  2. I think this story just made my morning. After that I can't think anything other than that this will be a lovely day.

  3. more on the library, please....
    with Rob?

    i always heard a lot happened in the library at my school..but i never saw it...

    now I do love sneaking PDA's with my boyfriend at every turn...but we are always discrete and keep the real fun for in private.


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