Oddest Meal Ever?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tonight I had brussel sprouts and chicken hearts stir-fried with black bean garlic sauce and mirin with pumpkin seeds over wild long-grain rice. It had to be the most hodge-podge meal I think I ever made. It also tasted quite delicious.

Anyone else have an odd dish you threw together at the spur of the moment?


  1. not unless the 4 chocolate chip cookies and the Fiber One bar I had for lunch counts as a meal.

  2. I love refried beans and will eat them with random things for dinner. Solo dinners are sometimes refried beans and a plate of steamed veggies.

  3. honestly, the other day we had a 'what remains in the fridge' meal that included hot dogs and quesadillas, though thankfully not combined :P

  4. Absolutely! There are many days in our house when we just take out all the leftovers, line up all the plastic containers and half-eaten cheeses and reheat the old bread and just eat. "Clean the fridge" meals. Standing up at the counter. It can be a very romantic experience if it's done with the one you love.


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