Constants (And Tequila)

Monday, January 11, 2010

-This, right here, explains why this is called a Sunrise.-

“I’m going to leave this window open a crack. Is that okay?”

I replied to Brooke that it was. The mosquitoes, having devoured my legs and leaving them so marked any passerby might assume I had contracted some advanced form of small pox, had finally gone to bed wherever mosquitoes go to bed. The sound of the lolling waves was hypnotic, a seamless constant that helped rejuvenate my faith that some things in life are always reliable.

Tequila, like the sound of crashing wave in Ixtapa, Mexico, is also a constant. One I depend on, and at times enjoy more than the waves.

It’s strange here. The drinking is sort of an all day affair here at the Club Med Food Blogger Camp, and considering the circumstances of the past few weeks my camp mates have been more than encouraging.

After a long and rousing swim through the ocean followed by trapeze lessons (of which, I might add, other bloggers have video proof of me doing backflips off of which I will post when I can) rounds of drinks were well in order.

A shot of tequila and a Tequila Sunrise seemed more than apropos. But it wasn’t just a shot glass of tequila. This was a huge shot glass, bigger that the bullets found in automatic military grade firearms. A super shot glass. A master shot glass of smooth, easy on the way down, no burn tequila.

Simple and lovely. Totally photogenic.

-A beautiful picture by Brooke of me realizing that shot glasses in Mexico are grown bigger than the ones back home.-

Of course and let us not forget the tequila sunrise. Sweet, fresh squeezed orange juice that, I swear, tastes like the concentrated experiences of being seaside in Mexico with friends.

How the addition of grenadine gives the drink that soft blush like a coy flirt across the room whose easy smile belies a stronger, more assertive personality that throws you down to the bed for an unexpected, more exhilarating night that you first thought.

A Tequila Sunrise at sunrise. Or sundown. A Tequila Sundown is fine too. As is the lesser-known Tequila Midday Sometime After Lunch.

I’ve always been a tequila boy. We’ve never had any arguments or tussles. We go well together and now that I’m on vacation we’re getting a little bit reacquainted after so, so long.

Tonight, a bit more tequila and I’m taking a few more bloggers down with me. I mean, someone has to get the “after shots” with their camera.



  1. I never knew Grenadine could be so sexy. Glad to hear you are having a much-deserved good time!

  2. And for a time, all is right with the world. Cheers!

  3. glad you having a good time and relaxing after your horrible ordeal.. tequila is very healing.

  4. My god Garrett, you certainly can write faster than I've ever met. How you managed to write all that under fifteen minutes, I'll never know. And thanks for the shout out. Nice to see that I merited an appearance!

    Can't wait for more Food Blog Camp adventures with you.

  5. I'll drink to that! Tequila is definitely my favorite libation--it's the only alcoholic drink that's not a depressant so you're always up and happy. Glad you're finally having some fun!

  6. Tequila has a bad rap, but nothing beats a good sipping tequila. Probably my straight hard-stuff of choice.

  7. A friend once explained: "Tequila is made from a plant, not from underground, and you can feel it's energy." Bottoms up, G-Mac. You SO deserve this.

  8. Hey Garrett,

    Loved spending time with you in Ixtapa. I can't believe you chugged that huge shot glass of tequila and remained standing -- or, actually, sitting up. Years of practice, I guess, or else the booze was watered down.

    Looking forward to the video of you doing a backflip off the trapeze.


  9. Oh yes! Where's the trapeze video? Diana has them, right? I hope she doesn't post my botched attempt. ;)


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