My Poor, Violated Mouth (Sunrise Restaurant - Davis, CA)

Monday, July 17, 2006

I work in Davis, so I eat here pretty darn often as you've noticed. I personally thought that nothing could meet the horrid conditions that 2K Thai subjected me to. But, wow, just when you think you hit the bottom, someone throws you a shovel.

The shovel was provided by Sunrise Restaurant in Davis. This was just wrong. My mouth was violated. My back destroyed. My patience shattered. So for all this, I won't give you a review of the dishes, that would be like vividly describing the clubbing of a baby seal to a child. You would end up shedding tears for me. Let's just sum up some of the finer points:
  • All three (I was dining with two others) dishes were delivered five to fifteen minutes apart from each other.
  • Roaches, flies, and something else that escaped under the bench. Probably the secret ingredients.
  • The benches and chairs are actually Vietnamese prison furniture, meant to warp your butt and spine into biological devices of pain you can take home with you.
  • Food either possessed no taste, or was just all out disgusting. This is what evil tastes like.
  • The Tapioca Tea tasted like sorrow on that note. Yep, sorrow and evil.
  • Customers not wearing their shirt inside a restaurant is okay at the beach or lake. Not in the middle of downtown, in the entryway.
  • The wait staff skirted us around like we were freakin' five years old, then seemed upset that we weren't aware we were supposed to seat ourselves at a very specific table he wanted us at when the whole place was freakin' empty.
The only okay point was the avocado milkshake, but can you really botch up avocado ice cream and milk in a blender?

Save yourself that scenic tour of Hell's second circle. Eat here instead.


  1. Damn, that sounds so horribly unreal. :( I've never had such a bad eating experience before!

    It might be funny to read a vivid description of the clubbing of a baby seal...

    ...okay, maybe not.

    Thank god for avocado milkshakes.

  2. What exaggerations!!!
    I eat here on average once/week.
    Services may be slow, especially during busy hours, but the food is very decent, and the premises is perfectly clean.


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