On the River (Chevy's Fresh Mex - Sacramento, CA)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Chevy's. Most of the patrons are a little too beer gut, wife beater, missing teeth, out of Deliverance, and it's usually way to loud for me to hear the people I came with sitting right next to me. This time though, I had a throughly pleasent experience.

My friend Penelope and I had dinner there about a week ago. I was hesitant to her suggestion, but I figured, "Why not?" Upon entering we were escorted to the upstair outside balcony area. This area is what made the trip. We were high up and alone, with only two other table being occupied. Given, you would think that with the temperature being in the hundreds we must have been crazy. Ahhh, but not so! The river possessed a tranquil coolness, making the air refreshing, and allowing you to enjoy the summer sun. The atmosphere itself was also throughly pleasant, it took a moment to remember that it was Sacramento. The city sure does have some hidden treasures.

The meal was surprisingly awesome as well. Penelope and I both had the swordfish tacos, which were really the perfect summer treat. The swordfish was firm, the tomatoes fresh, and the sauce complimented the whole thing well and added that cool and refreshing Zing! that made it so yummy. We also shared a prickly pear margarita. It wasn't blended, accompanied by ice cubes, but it was thuroughly fruity none the less. It really helped top off a relaxing, easy going lunch.

There of course were some downsides. The other diners I have gone over. I don't mean to be all snobby and act as the fashion gestapo, but just... ew. Like a Nascar fan convention in there. The salsa was paltry, no tangible spice at all. We asked for something with a bit more kick; we were given a bottle of tobasco. Natch. The waitress, with an overflow of empty tables in her area, checked up on us every 5 minutes. I appreciate the attention, but seriously, let me just eat my freakin' meal.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. However, based on my past visits this was rare. Yet, if you want some cheap yummy Mexican and some tasty margaritas, and a chance to just enjoy the Sac River, I highly suggest you head on over.

Chevy's Fresh Mex - Riverfront
1369 Garden Highway
Sacramento, CA 95833
(916) 649-0390


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