To Market, To Market (Taylor's Market - Sacramento, CA)

Monday, July 10, 2006

So on Saturday I went to Taylor's Market in downtwon Sacramento. Honestly, I had passed by the place dozens of times but I had never bothered to actually go in. After I did, I was only filled with the strong desire to go back in time and smack myself upside the head.

The place is, simply put, quite excellent. This is a specialty food store with something to offer everyone. The produce section is pretty darn complete with some awesome deals and some not so awesome deals but all balances out in the end. One of the definite stand outs were the colossal bunches of grapes, each one looking as if it were to literally burst with juice and flavor. Though the real prize to be had was the basket of kumquats I found for a mere two freakin' bucks. TWO!

For all you carnivores out there they also have a meat section that rivals, if not beats, the Nugget markets'. I mean seriously, they have everything. Jumbo prawns big enough to bait and then club a seal. Soft shell crab for a decent right-from-the-wharf price. And hey, if you gotta 100 bucks to spend, you can get 10 lbs of ground beef, 5 lbs. of BBQ steaks. 5 lbs. pork steaks or ribs, 5 lbs. fryer leg quarters, 5 lbs. of bacon (cue heavenly choir), and 5 lbs. of prawns. You're now set for your family get together or nuclear fallout, though for me and prolly many of you out there that's really the same damn thing.

They also have local chefs and vitiners come in and demo their wares. Michelle and Dina, two of the authors of The Plank Grilling Cookbook. were there showing off their grillin' expertise. They were cajoling me to try some their gauc with plank grilled onion and corn. (Okay, so by cajole I mean I had them at knife point demanding fifths seconds.) They were a hoot to chat with, and totally awesome. I checked out their book and recipes like duck breast with wild rice and cranberries demonstrated their quite couture plank grillin' style.

After pestering them and browsing, Rob and I reluctantly took our leave. We picked up a bottle of Raspberry Ancho chille marinade and a basket of those kumquats to go. After waving good bye to my new friends and to the meat department, I knew I'd be back. Cause hell, where else am I gonna find a place that sells bison at a price like that!?

Taylor's Market
2900 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818
(9160 443-6881


  1. Hey, Garrett. My boss lives walking distance from that market, which makes me so jealous of her. It's just amazing and we certainly don't have anything like that in Roseville (Chain Capital of the World).

    Thanks for welcoming me into the Sacramento food blogger club.


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