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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I finally got around to putting up a dining guide. The links are in the sidebar and can be searched by price range, cuisine, and location. I know it's kinda sparse now, but you can expect them all to grow as time goes by. I also realize the location section doesn't go past Sacramento or Davis, but I rarely have a reason to be outside those areas. Poo. So hey, if you know a good place in a surrounding Sac or Nor Cal area like Natomas, West Sac, Roseville, Elk Grove or wherever, then comment or e-mail me, dining with new friends is always a welcome event! It can be an old favorite or be a brand new place you've never, and I most certainly have never, been too!

Even if you're not in the Nor Cal area, feel free to comment in any of the dining guide or on this post of any great place (or warnings of places to avoid like the plague).

Now get out there and eat!


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