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Friday, August 4, 2006

Italian Cultural Society Festa Italiana
I love cannoli. It gives me joy, and I'll be able to get plenty of it during the Festa Italiana. All day food and dessert will be there for you to try, not to mention Italian wines and beers, and some of Sac's best Italian restaurants and chefs will be strutting their stuff and doing cooking demos. Children will be able to enjoy plenty of activities and games, and the adults can enjoy the Italian Marketplace and shop for Italian goods! Expect plenty of music and entertainment to chow to as well!

Saturday, August 5th, 11am-12pm &
Sunday, August 6th, 11am-6pm
Croatian Park
3730 Auburn Blvd.
Admission is $7 for adults and free for kids 15 and under.

Japanese Food and Cultural Bazaar
Held at one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the U.S. this is the 60th annual festival. Go and try traditional Japanese food, sushi, and some Japanese American favorites! Plus learn and watch tea ceremony, ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), odori (classical dancing), taiko drums, and fashion shows!

August 11th and 12th
2401 Riverside Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818
Free Admission!


  1. The Italian festival was a HUGE disappointment. No cannoli for starters. Add the lack of cannoli to the overpriced, bland calimari, gnocchi that was not potato-based but rather just thick pasta and nothing but a sad, small collection of Italian "arts and crafts," and you've got a recipe for crappy Italian festival. Boo hoo. Must find good cannoli somewhere.

  2. Sounds like their advertising was highly misleading. I'm sorry Kim, and to anyone else who went. I myself was feeling ill during the weekend so failed to attend myself. I should be hitting up the Japanese fest on Sunday.

    And seriously, no cannoli? That's so not cool.


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