Eat, for Charity's Sake!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So many of you may know about this, but many of you may not. Restaurants all over the city are helping in the relief efforts on the Gulf Coast in the second Restaurants for Relief! How do you participate? Well all you have to do is get together with your friends and loved ones and go dine out at a participating restaruant! Pretty sweet, no?

There are restaurants in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Fairfield, and Roseville participating! Buca restaurants are donating 5% of their total sales for the day! Il Fornaio restaurants are donating 100% of the proceeds from every order of their lip smacking La Tempesta drinks (aptly named drink I would say). Celestin's Restaurant and Voodou Lounge is donating 10% of their daily sales; a perfect excuse for some fun food and tropic atmosphere. Ruth's Chris Steak House is donating all proceeds from their wine sales for those who love their steak and wine. Last but not least, Red Robin is donating up to $20,000!

The whole thing takes place on Tuesday, August 29th! Have fun, eat, and help some people out who really need it.


  1. Thanks for telling people about this. I volunteer with a non-profit and we used to host fund-raising dinners. However, we never really made that much money and we had to either argue with places for our checks or wait a long time to get them.

    I decided that instead of going out to eat, I'm just going to donate what I think I'll spend on a dinner out to Oxfam. That way, more of my money will actually go to the cause. It also helps that there is just one(!) restaurant in my area participating and they are only donating a dollar for every pint of beer purchased.

    It's a good idea to check and see how much is actually being donated, like you did. I want the charity to receive my dollars, not a restaurant that will be getting more good will than I think it deserves.


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