Well, HOT DOG!!! (The Hotdogger - Davis, CA)

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Ivan and Cheryl Frank, as demonstrated by their last name, know their hot dogs. It's therefore no wonder that The Hotdogger is a cornerstone and landmark in Davis. The place occupies a closet sized niche in downtown, and can seat maybe two lucky patrons and offers a few tables outside, but you can promise yourself a well worth it line at lunch time everyday.

Personally, few things are as good as hot dogs. I mean, I love having etc. etc. fruit compote, ethnic cured food from mama's hands, and prix fixe meals, but hot dogs have that tasty urban simplicity you just can't really match with anything else. This tasty insight isn't lost at The Hotdogger, and simple flares lets your chili dog runneth over!

They offer the basic hot dog, but if you want to switch it up a bit you can get a Polish sausage, Loisianna hot link, lemon garlic chicken sausage, or a Portugese wine sausage made with red wine and crushed red pepper. Veggies can lurv the hot dogs too, and get the tasty tofu dog which is actually tasty! Resist the temptation to make out with the person serving you your dog.

Afterward you can adorn them with pickles, relish, kraut, ketchup, mayo, onions and so on. OR you could go with one of their menu options like the Chicago Dog - a dog with Dusseldorf mustard, relish, onion, tomato, dill pickle, and celery salt. Another favorite is the Gut Bomb! (exclamation point!!!); a hot link with hot salsa, hot peppers, chili and chesse, all topped with tomatoes and onions.

Regardless what you want, everything is fully customizable, and the dude/dudette behind the counter will make sure you're happy and leave with a smile. In fact, that's half the reason to go! The person behind the counter is sure to put a smile on your face, engaging you and everyone in line in bolsterous and fun conversation. I've sat down with perfect strangers over lunch due to this. Even on your most grumbly of days, you'll part ways with The Hotdogger and it's other patrons with a full belly and glowing disposition.

They have, like yours truly, some pretty sweet buns, and are legend for their variety of mustards. Last I counted 6, and I had the frezty (fruity & zesty) hawaiian pineapple adorning my dog. Side of potato salad, fries, and chili are also available to you, if you need something quick.

The whole thing is deliciously shibby and it's a great option if you only have a few bucks in your pocket. Make sure to drop by, sit down, and just relax with a good ol' dog.

The Hotdogger
129 E Street A-1
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 753-6291


BTW: Side note as pertaining to the Butterfly Effect meme post, I also tagged Willa at Sorry Fugu, who is recovering well from her stroke and ready to start blogging once more!


  1. So not fair!!
    I was raised in Sacramento and have family living in Davis, I love the hotdogger... its sooo great!
    Although.. another personal favorite is Weiner Works in Sacramento.. I'm sure you've been there... right????

  2. That's the Weiner Works on Madison.. Sorry.. brain fart!
    But bring cash.. it's all they take..
    and get lots and lots of fries..


  3. My Wife and I did our first Hotdogger this weekend. It was one great tasting dog....we'll be back for more Hotdogger goodness for sure. Great buns by the way.


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