Let's Thai Again (Sophia's Thai Kitchen - Davis, CA)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sophia's Thai Kitchen is considered by many of Davis' residents to be the best in Thai restaurant in Davis; the interior decoration has a sense of authenticity, there is a wonderful little room adorned with pillows where you can sit on the floor, and an open patio sitting area. It even has a separate bar, with it's own exotic interior, and wooden deck for seating as well. I was there with my friends and co-workers hanging out for a few reasons, 1) Cara was leaving and we wanted to get her drunk and full to show our love, 2) It was also her birthday coming up, 3) An un-official reason, Kristin got a night semi-baby free, 4) Another un-official reason, we all were wanting some Thai food lovin' and to get a little bit mowed.

The bar is known for it's live music, skilled bartenders, hot n' sexy wait staff, and dollar tequilla night (defining the quality of the tequilla, and inebreiated eagerness of the student population). Thus we were all more than happy to sample some of their drinks. We sat on the relaxing wooden bar patio for a while, people watching and chatting it up. Sophia's offers a wide range of beers, local and imported, so everyone was pretty darned happy.

Appetizers like spring rolls, corn and shrimp fitters, and beef satay can be ordered at the bar as well (thai iced tea cannot). Each of the appetizers are a small meal in themselves and served with it's own unique sauces, providing an flavorful experience. The beef satay is well flavored with a perfect bit of spice and sweet peanut sauce, it has a taste of authenticity and Thai flare that goes perfect with beer. The thai springrolls with chili sauce also worked perfect with my cosmo, which was the best cosmo I ever had.

We soon moved to the restaurant section (a different building across the patio) and luckilly due to knowing the hostess, got to the floor seating room. Here a lovely mural on all walls give a plesant visual treat while you eat. We all placed our orders and made ourselves comfortable. Thai iced tea here is very flavorful, and proof God exists. It's also free refills, FREE REFILLS! Something other restaurants should learn to do.

The food here is of good quality, and Davis residents laud over it constantly. However, in my own opinion, you can find better. Each dish seems to rely to much on lime, cilantro, and galangal. The curries, while flavorful, are a slight bit bland on the spice, but sweet and savoury and will definetly please you.

Almost all of the dishes give you the option of adding chicken, tofu, beef, or shrimp. The Pad Thai is often bland and lifeless, a mound of noodles and peanut sauce, garunteed to leave you dissappointed. The Chicken Laap I had was a perfect toss of chicken and red onions, and exploding with lime, cilantro, and spices. It's bold and strong, and won't leave you dissappointed. The glass noodles with steamed tofu, a perfect vegetarian dish, was warm with citrus and cilantro, and a cool relaxing texture, and not boring like one would expect.

The whole restaurant and bar was also very baby friendly (it was 5:30 at the bar, no worries), and little Audrey for the short amount of time she was there before the mommy trade occurred, was happy and the staff were more than accommadating.

Would I come again? Yeah, the place is great for a group or for a quick drink. It's all a matter of taste when it comes to Thai food, so give Sophia's a try.

Sophia's Thai Kitchen
129 E Street, Suite E
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 758-4333


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