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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sadly, during Blog Day, I didn't have a chance to get to everybody I love, hence this post. You'll notice that the Sacramento Area Food Blogs section has grown quite a bit recently, as has the Other Food Blogs I Heart section over in the sidebar. It's starting to become quite a list, and you'll probably notice some blogs you all know and love like Sam's Beck and Posh, or the lovable Shuna from Eggbeater, and friendly and local (for me) Elise at Simply Recipes, but I would like to introduce you to some of my other favorite food bloggers (can that be shortened to floggers, or is that too kinky?).

If you are looking for something really complete that covers all the little and big going-ons in Sacramento's food and restaurant worlds, go check out the Sac Bee's food writer Mike Dunne and his blog Appetizers with Mike Dunne! It's informative, concise, clever, and will always give you the lowdown of what Sacramento should expect to see in its foodie future. However, if you want to walk down a different writer's path for a more with-the-people feel, go check out Kristy over at Cake Grrl. She'll soon be starting a food podcast as well, and trust me, she'll treat you right.

Looking for some food and blogs that are off the beaten English path? Check out Chucrute com Salsicha, it might be what you're looking for! Fer Guimaraes Rosa writes a fabulous blog in Portuguese, utilizing fantastic prose, gorgeous posts, and simple and tasty recipes. Don't speak the language? Don't let that stop you, just go visit it via BabelFish. You can also checkout Fethiye's blog Yogurt Land to discover the delightful design of Turkish food. Each post stirs up my own memories of my visit there. *le sigh* The blog is written in both Turkish and English.

Need something tasty and organic and possibly gluten free? Then I highly suggest you go check out Brendon at Something in Season, or Sher at What Did You Eat? Both located in the Davis area! My home girl Karina over in New Mexico has a certain spicy flare as the Gluten Free Goddess!

My girl Liz at Good Stuff is also pretty wicked and makes me smile with her posts! She's hilarious, and writes one of the most entertaining blogs around! Jen at Jennifer Jeffery is another professional writer with plenty to say. Get some insight at the process of writing a cook book there as well. Plus she's fabulous and that's reason enough to adore her.

I stumbled on most of these by accident, but you don't have to. Do yourself a favor and visit these shibby culinary chronicles, it'll do you some good!


  1. Floggers. Garrett, you are soooo cute! ;-)

  2. Thanks, Garrett!
    It's funny the way my last name, Rosa, was translated into Pink! :-))

  3. I am so abso-freakin-lutely honored to be your home girl.

  4. You speak Portuguese?

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! You're a total sweetie. Just for that I will keep writing just so I can continue to keep that grin on your face.

    Hugs :D


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