Two Tasty Bits

Monday, September 25, 2006

I was going to write a great post today. Seriously, it was gonna change yer life. However, I got zero sleep last night and I forgot the whole thing. Can't even remember the topic. So instead, here are two bits to amuse you until I have time to write something fun from jail after me and Mister Curtain Rod take care of my noisy neighbors who think 2 am is an acceptable time to start to have a rave, box social, or whatever the kids do nowadays that keeps me awake. I needs my beauty sleep.

Penelope sent me this quote by Geoffrey Chaucer. If you get a chance, find a good Contemporary English translation of The Canterbury Tales, it's definetly a good read (it was written in Middle English, which really is a different language, but if you understand how to read words before the Great Vowel Shift and know a bit of German, go for the original).

Ah, but the quote, "Woe to the cook whose sauce has no sting." Humorous, clever, and true.

Second, here's a fun little kitchen comic by Natalie Dee. Go read it, as I'm sure we can all relate. There is sometimes language in her comics, so if that bothers you then it might not be your cup of tea. I swear like a gothy/indie catholic school girl who was raised by a sailor, so I think it only makes it funnier.

Ciao for now! >^.^<


  1. BWAHAHAHAHA! I need one of her tshirts NOW.

  2. YAAY Natalie Dee! Freakin' hilarious. I have one of her shirts featuring a retarted unicorn. ...Yeah, I dunno, I can't say I wear it. BUT IT LOOKS FUNNY, HAR HAR.

  3. Have you remembered the life-changing post yet? The suspense has been killing me. :)

  4. ROFL!!! I want a shirt too! That is great!

    As for your neighbors, how rude. Sounds very familiar to some neighbors we had while I was growing up. Heavy metal at 2am in the morning. My mom banging on their door. Not good.

  5. Zero sleep doesn't sound like bloggin' while tired :D

  6. "I swear like a gothy/indie catholic school girl who was raised by a sailor..."

    You, too?

  7. Liz & Robyn - Seriously! She so funny!

    Eric - I have no idea. Something to do with restaurants...

    Jen & WWM - Next time, I call the cops and put a mask on, grab the ol utility belt, and go vigilante on them.

    Karina - Actually, I was raised by a therapist and a grade school teacher, which didn't screw me up all that much. Well, minus the the underground meth lab and human baby trade I have running in the name of my dark God whose name cannot actually be spoken as it cuases one's eyes to spontaneously bleed. But yes, I actually swear too fucking much.

  8. I think we have the same neighbors. Those f*ing box socials! If by box socials you mean "all-night coke parties."

    "I swear like a gothy/indie catholic school girl who was raised by a sailor..."

    Hee heeee! I have a distinct memory of coming to the big decision that I swore too much and I really needed to try to clean up my language. That was in 5th grade. I've been trying ever since.

    But somehow, I cannot bring myself to write the bad words. It just seems so ... unladylike when I have to look at it. But coming out of my mouth it's perfectly feminine.

    I don't get me either.


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