Medley of Orange in the Key of Cupcake

Thursday, September 28, 2006

After the warm reception to the last cupcake, I decided to give another of Cheryl's cupcakes a go (and to make sure that last time wasn't a fluke). Apparently, it wasn't. I think I've figured out some of the tricks to baking, and the main points being confidence, and following measurements and cooking times to a fine "T".

I also think that the recipes in the Cupcake Bakeshop are also very tried and tested, so she doesn't put them out until she knows they'll come out well. Regardless, her various exotic and tasty recipes are thrilling to make. They are a tad bit time consuming, but well worth the effort. If you want to bring a smile to your face and those of the people you mean to impress with your new yumtastic baking skills, try one out.

This time I gave her Carrot Orange Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and Candied Orange Peel a try. I did make a few changes though; for one, I skipped the candy egg (it's almost October, Easter candy is a bit hard to find right now). Second, I also added more allspice and nutmeg because while subtleties of flavor are fine, but I'm a member of the cold cocked in the face with a punch of flavor school.

These cupcakes were very tasty and well received by everyone at work. I think the best response was when someone went all washed faced, grabbed me by the arms, and uttered, "That... was the best... cupcake... ever." Rob took quite a few cupcakes down on his own as well, leaving no survivors.

I've been inspired to try and make my own cupcake recipe soon. I'm thinking something with gingerbread cake, cranberries, and lemon in some way. I love those flavors, and I've had them combined before. With some tinkering, and a lot of trial and error, it could be made into something totally shibby.

Before that however, I am going to take a small cupcake break. Rob and I have been feeling the call of truffle making again. We love experimenting with chocolate. I think our favorites so far have been our chai truffles, and the bittersweet mint truffles. It's time to get down and dirty in the kitchen, and covered in chocolate! I will visit cupcakes again soon though, as I have become enamored with them, it's just time for something else for a bit. I have a cupboard filled with spices right now that I think will make for some fabulous truffles.

I highly suggest you all go to the Cupcake Bakeshop and give one a try! You won't be disappointed!


  1. Thanks for trying the recipes, Garrett, and posting about them. I appreciate it. I definitely try to tag the not so-tried-and-true recipes as "experimental", but the one you tried is definitely a fav of mine. Have fun making truffles!

  2. OMGYUM.

    I am actually not the freak for cupcakes that some people are (I'm not a huge frosting fan. I know! Sin!) But these look delish.

  3. You're killing me.

    Down and dirty in the kitchen, and covered in chocolate?! Darling, you must document.

  4. Chockylit - Anytime! I plan to try a few of the experimental ones too!

    Sher - I have always wanted my own soup n' sammich place!

    KT - They are crazy good! Given em a try.

    Karina - Oh, darlin', you can expect it!

  5. I love the way these 'savoury' spices are being used in the cupcakes. I'm a big fan of nutmeg too.

    Have you tried making rose truffles? I had some from a great chocolate shop near here and they were amazing!

  6. where do you work? is there an open position? those lucky fellows!! ;-)

    i'm supposed to bring a cake or something else to work on monday. so i went to ciocolat to order some cupcakes. they wanted 60 bucks for twenty little cakes. i ordered their chocolate cake instead. you could be making some good money selling yours! :-)

  7. Cheryl - I plan too! I can't wait to try the next one. It's your recipes and lessons that have given me some sort of credbility as a baker!

    Sher - Hehe, well i do want to open a small soup and sandwich place someday.

    KT - Oh, they are...

    Ros - I don;t even know what rose truffles are... Enlighten me!

    Rosa - LOL, I have been gretting told that suddenly. I'm afraid to bake for orders though, I feel that suddenly everything will start to suck and fail, and I won't be able to deliver. maybe after some more practice and I develop some of my own recipes for baking.

  8. Well, I went back and bought some more rose truffles just so I could look up the ingredients for you. ;)

    They seem to be made from white chocolate with a ganache filling flavoured with rose petals and grappa. They taste a little bit like turkish delight.

    I'm going to do a post on them whenever I locate the cable from my camera. Hopefully tomorrow.


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