Tuesday, September 5, 2006

It's all good now. I have Sam to thank for all her advice and the people at Food Blog S'cool. There is still some tinkering to do, but it's back. I think I lost a few weeks of life there.

I'm going to Carl's Jr. to stuff my face now.

I suggest from now on, any other bloggers out there, make sure you make copies of your template and your posts!


  1. glad all is sorted chap must have been a bloody annoying episode!

  2. Glad you cleared up the mess, blogger can get a little finicky sometimes, that's why I decided to move to Typepad a couple months ago.

  3. Yay! [It was a wee bit scary there today when I popped by and there was nothing but &^%$#@ ACK!]

  4. Phew, I would have hated it if you were gone any longer. Welcome back!

  5. Gerald - I was thinking of doing that ALL DAY, but I finally got everything set here, it would take more for me to start again *Knock on wood*

    Karina - Ditto! BTW, love your most recent post!

    Christine - *HUGGLE* Thanks!

  6. Huzzah! I'm so glad that everything turned out and I'm really sorry that you went through that whole mess.

  7. My site's down at the moment and has been for a week.:( This is what happens when I let my boyfriend and his geeky mate host the site. They buy a ridiculously expensive server which is guaranteed not to go down. Then when it does it's too complicated to fix.

    Glad you got yours sorted and nothing was lost! Hopefully I can join you back in the blogsphere in a couple of days.

  8. Oh I'm glad you're back! I am going to make copies of everything, because it sounds like an awful, scary headache to lose files.

  9. Ooh, what happened?? Did blogger go down? I'm going to copy my template just in case...that thing has been a bitch to mess with.


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