On Anniversaries...

Friday, September 1, 2006

Today is my second anniversary with Rob. It's an event that can only be expressed in smiles, and not so much in words. This will be a short post because 1) I detest getting all emotional and then attempting to actually put it on paper for people. It's like a car wreck in slow motion. 2) My hands are wrapped in my tendonitis gauntlets so I ain't typing a lot. *popping another Ibuprofen*

Tonight we're going to go to Mason's for a romantic anniversary dinner (which will be posted about in the following days of course). For many of you, two years might not be very long. Some of you may be in your tenth, twentieth, or even more and look on with amusement and recollection at your earlier anniversaries. Some of you may have just reach your first month, and look forward to when you meet that first year. And for any other homos out there, they think two years is FOREVER and that I'm f***ing crazy (gay relationships, like retail jobs, have a high turnover rate). But to me, it's just, I dunno. Special.

It's two years that Rob has put up with my numerous and sporatic tantrums. Quietly ignored my grumpy morning Grim Reaper-esque personality every 6 a.m. since we started living together. Taken care of me when I'm sick and bitchy. Put up with my reading, cooking, Xena, and Final Fantasy obsessions and other nerdisms which any normal human being would have left me for by now. And let's not get into our differing and oppositional opinions on quite a few things.

Yet he still loves me and my allowing him to kiss my nose. He is endlessly entertained at my ability to peel and eat a banana with my toes (I can). He enjoys watching me get excited and worked up over the history of grammar. He smiles when I try to convince him to go see Shakespeare, even though he hates it. He loves to cook and derives pleasure in teasing me by saying I'm his sous chef, which means I get the dishes. Plus, we have as much in common as we do different. It allows for balance and keeps things fresh and exciting each day.

I love him for a variety of reasons, and really I have to admit, I'm damn lucky that he's still around. I guess Pascal was right when he said, "The heart has reasons that reason knows not of." Either way, I'm very happy.

That and the roofies I put in his food help. >^.^<


  1. Happy Anniversary, you two! Such a sweet post. You are both lucky.

  2. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary to you both! Here's to more years. I hope you guys have a great time tonight!

  3. Hey, Happy Anniversary! {You know it's love when peeling a banana with your feet = fascinating.} ;-)

    Enjoy every minute.

  4. Cheers, dears!
    (Except for that banana part.)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!.....and many more!!!

  6. Thanks everyone for all your support and best wishes!

  7. Aww that was a touching post. Happy Anniversary to you both and may you have many many more blissful years together. :)

  8. Congrats! I'm going on five and it still feels like two.

    And I thought monogamy was the new trend ... since most of my gay friends couples have been together forever and a day

  9. Aw! We're coming up on number 13 (!!) -- may you have many, many happy, prehensile-toed years ahead of you.

  10. Two years is a long time for anyone. Sounds like you are lucky to have found each other. I've already read ahead, so I know that dinner was spectacular- a perfect way to mark the occasion.

    Here's to many more years together and lots more "yayness".

  11. Happy Anniversary! I think that you are both lucky to have each other in your lives. Here is to many more good times. Cheers!

  12. Happy anniversary! What a lovely tribute. Here's to many more years of happiness. Sending all my best.


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