Haiku for Chicken Soup

Friday, October 6, 2006

Warm bliss chicken soup
Cold, a chilling autum day
Perfection defined
There's something magical about chicken soup made from scratch. Getting your fingers into last night's chicken carcass. Mincing bunches of parsely. Letting flavors bind and mingle, and filling your house with warm aromas, which give way to memories of being pampered in bed by mom, and long conversations with friends.

I always let celery bases, rough cuts of carrots, strong organic garlic, onion, and chicken skin soak with some boullion. Afterwards, I skim them out and add my finer cuts of veggies. Nutmeg and cayenne pepper are what really make it pop.

It's fall outside, don't you think it's chicken soup time?


  1. It's definitely time for chicken soup... and hey, nice pictures! So much for saying that you can't take a decent snap...


  2. mmm...soooooop. although i am really a matzah ball kind of girl myself :) and don't forget the leeks! i made butternut squash soup last night, it's getting chilly here too.

  3. Nothing sets you straight like homemade chicken soup. Yours looks soul warming [love the Haiku]...

  4. That looks so comforting and delicious! I want to make this!

  5. Thanks for the comments as for the recipe (I got an e-mail or two about this) there isn't one. I pretty much have the outline in my head then go from there.
    I do simmer carrots, celery bases, onions, parsely, and garlic (in large rough cuts) with some boullion and a bay leaf. I often add the chicken skin to this too.
    After I skim it all out, add the finer bite sized bits of said veggies and the chicken. The longer you let either of these sets simmer, the better. Add salt, pepper, cayenne, and nutmeg, then mushrooms and noodles for the last 10 minutes.

    It freezes well too, so it's great when you make a large pot of it.

  6. Such pretty soup! It's not soup weather in Florida yet--maybe November if we're lucky!!

  7. An excellent haiku.


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