What Would I Serve to a Food Blogger?

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Ros recently tagged me for a MEME. As I have stated before, I usually delete these, but this one sounded kinda fun.

So far the Tag Chain is as follows: Angelika, Lea, Ros, and now yours truly. Read on, cause I am tagging a few of my fellow food bloggers as well!

  1. Describe a sort of "signature menu" revealing much of your personal cooking style and culinary preferences; it's up to you how many dishes you choose or if you prefer a buffet or a different way of presentation; let your phantasy play!
  2. If you are interested in food/wine pairings you are welcome to add comlementary wine suggestions if you like.
  3. As usual please link to this post and send me a note when your menu is on.
  4. Please do not forget to tag some of your blogging buddies.
  5. I am going to list all contributions; I hope this list will get long enough to turn into a little guide to foodbloggers' signatures.

Butternut Squash and Sage Soup with Creme' Fraiche and Fried Sage Leaves
Strawberry and Spinach Salad
Quadruple Bypass Garlic Parmesan Bread
My Mom's Kick Ass Flank Steak marinated for 3 days in ginger, mustard, scallions, soy sauce, and honey, then BBQ'd. Very shibby. Totally yumtastic.
Sides of Mashed Potatoes with Smoked Mozzarella and Pancetta, and
Pan Seared Asparagus with Lime
Grilled Stone Fruit with Vanilla Bean Gelato and Balsamic Syrup

Yeah, there is no theme, rhyme, or reason to it all but I love these dishes so that's what I'm serving. I would also set the place up to be very bohemian chic, sitting on the floor, muslin draping the walls, rich color and fabric. You get the picture. Pomegranate wine all around, no grapes for this menu. NO GRAPES! I MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

I'm tagging Karina, Jennifer Jeffery, the Sacatomato Crew: Ann Martin and Jennifer, Fernanda, and my favorite CakeGrrl! Have fun and make sure to tag someone too!


  1. Hi Garrett, I am totally, totally hooked ! Your menu sounds so absolutely individalistic and with much personal touch, including the surrounding you have thought out for it ! Many many thanks for 1) not deleting this sort of meme, I would have missed this special contribution, 2) for figuring out such special dishes, 3) for inspiring all of us, 4) for tagging and encouraging some of your friends to do the same. Your menu will be on the list this evening my time ! Have a great day, angelika aka the flying apple

  2. This menu sounds great. I'm already getting hungry and it's not even close to lunch yet.

    You wouldn't happen to be planning a food blogger event at your house anytime soon... would you? ;-)

  3. Garrett,
    xoxoxo. ;)
    Thanks for the tag. What a challenging situation to ponder... I will have to really think about this one!

  4. I just licked my computer monitor at work. Very delicious!

  5. An - My pleasure! Haute is for the haughty, i want something fun.

    Eric - Sadly I am planning a potluck for the sac bloggers. LOL. I fear what to prepare.

    Kim - No worries. I do it all the time. We hungry bitches need to eat, yo.

    CakeGrrl K. - Your menu is WAY better than mine. Daaaaaamn.

    Creatress - Balsamic syrup is awesome. Thats why. Port I use with grilled peaches, pistachios, and goat cheese.

  6. I've got too many ideas, but thanks for the post, it was really fun to come up with. I probably need to narrow it down, but I love the idea of a Keller-esque 4 hour tour. (Not that my menu is on par with his or anything.) ;)

  7. I'm glad you have some gluten on this menu (not much though?) so that you don't VANISH!

    It all sounds yummy, but i really want a tub of vanilla bean gelato.

  8. omg

    I love butternut squash.

    You touched my tender spot... err.... something.

  9. Oh you sneaky vanilla man you. Hmmm. I will have to think this over. Your menu raises the bar. Eeeeck.

  10. What a wonderful meme. Count me in. It all sounds divine, especially your mom's kick-ass flank steak with the heart-stopping garlic bread. Only questions are where and when? :)

  11. Okay, Garlic Boy. It's up.

    So when are you coming for dinner?

  12. Very nice! That steak marinade sounds awesome.

  13. And here's my contribution. Is it lunchtime yet?

    Ann's food blogger menu


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