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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What's Cooking?
Thanksgiving. A celebration of food, tradition and relative insanity.

If you haven't seen this movie, go get up off your computer zombie butt, get to the rental store, pick up a copy, and then sit on your TV zombie butt and watch it. You can skip some of these steps if you have Netflix or Blockbuster Online.

It's a movie about four different Thanksgivings with four different families. One a multi-generational Vietnamese family trying to bridge a gay between the traditional raised parents and the American culture engrossed youth, another an African American family with a secret to hide from visiting in-laws, an open minded Latino family with an uninvited estranged husband, and a Jewish Americana family trying to cope with their daughter and her girlfriend.

The movie is a bit melodramatic at times, but all and all totally frickin hilarious. Plus, the movie doesn't focus on food alone, but uses it as a medium to convey the similarities and differences between the four families. A brilliant use of food. It's all quite entertaining and sure to be a holiday tradition alongside movie classics much like It's a Wonderful Life, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


  1. Sounds interesting, will have to check it out. Though my all-time favorite Turkey Day flick is "Home for the Holidays" with Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr. Makes even my family seem normal! :)

  2. My fave Thanksgiving movie is Planes, Trains & Automobiles, one of John Candy's best movies. My favorite food related movie is Big Night. If you haven't seen these by now, do so! Both are very funny and highly entertaining. :)

  3. Hrm...Thanksgiving is such an underexposed time for movie making

  4. i agree! it's a cheesy movie, but is entertaining. i saw it by accident once day, maybe i need to rent it and watch again. :-)

  5. I had to watch that for my food and film class! :) Very cool movie, yup. A food movie I would NOT recommend seeing is "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover"...[shudders]...unless you want to feel queasy.

  6. I actually really enjoyed this movie! I heard good about it and rented it and liked it so much I ended up buying it. I'll have to pop this one in the DVD player soon!

  7. I love this movie! I'll have to see it again.

    I also totally adore Home for the Holidays this time of year.

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