When A Friend Comes To Visit

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My friend Janelle came up for a while. She's been the BFF since we were wee little ones back in preschool. We've been having an excellent time, and I've realized that you don't really ever experience what your surroundings have to offer until you have company to entertain.

Take the Davis Farmer's Market for example. You never really sit and smell the lush, verdant bunches of basil. Their heady bite overtaking the senses.

You don't pay atttntion to the fall colors and produce around you. I lurvs me my winter squash. It's strong, explosive in color and defines the falling leaves. Each butternut, winter, acorn, and pumpkin screams, "It's fall, shouldn't you be cooking me right now!?" To which I respond, "Oh, little squashes, you are correct," and do so because it's yummy.

And screw the cold weather, organic popsicles are kick butt at all times of year. Be it Janelle's strawberry-banana, or my green tea, honey and mango (which was hardcore shibby-yumtastic orgasm on a goddamn stick), a cold treat is always welcome.

Culinary exploration in your own backyard. It's always an adventure.


  1. I just love our farmers market and try to go every Saturday. Next time try the avocado/lime popsicle . It's the best! ;-)

  2. I live in Sac so hit our farmers market, but after reading this I am going to hit the Davis farmer's market!

    Avocado/lime popsicle. Really?

    Also, VG, will you send me an email with your email? For some reason, when I click on "shoot me an email" I am taken back to my email account. I got nothin'.

    Thanx. Melody melody4853@sbcglobal.net

  3. You and Brendon and your Davis Market. Wish I could be there. Loved your waxing on fall and squash; and how cute is your BFF with her popsicle?

    [What's not to love, Darling, about a "hardcore shibby-yumtastic orgasm on a stick"? I ask you?] ;-)

  4. I love farmers markets - yours sounds awesome!


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