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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am, apparently, the last person to read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I really can't do it much justice. It's life in the kitchens of one particular chef, filled with sex, drugs, food, more drugs, the 80's (i.e. even more drugs) , and swearing up such a storm that you might as well replace every comma in the book with the word "fuck". Go get yourself a copy if you haven't already and read it. All the kids are doing it.

Sorry for the short sporadic post, but I just finished watching the last episode of Six Feet Under, and am an emotional wreck, so bite me. Seriously, crying up a storm which is unlike me but ah, whatever. Also wondering how I'm gonna die. I hope my last words are something funny like, "Hey guys, watch this!" I also think I want to be cremated, then secretly put into the food during the wake. That way, I'll really be with everyone. Or maybe let loose to blow over the sea or something.

Also doing a lot of planning and getting ready for this weekend. Why you ask? Well, we are having the first Sac Area Food Blogger's Potluck. YAY! I was inspired after being so cordially invited to the Bay Area Blogger's Picnic. I also feel insane guilt for not being able to invite them, but as I have no spacious back yard and only an apartment complex club house to host in, space was the major factor here. (Please forgive me Sam, Amy, Joy, Shuna and everyone else. I will shave my head in penance and/or bring you all cupcakes.)

This also leaves me with the question, "What does one make for a potluck filled with food addicts?" No worries to those coming though, there will be no people in the food.

Expect some more cupcakes in the future too. I just need the time to actually make them.

One last note; don't eat Carl's Jr.'s Six Dollar burgers for a quick dinner after a long day. I can still feel my heart struggling to scream hours later. Ugh.


  1. hey, i have been thinking hard about what to make as well. wanna make something turkish. we'll see what i can think about that is suitable for the season.
    see ya soon!

  2. My boyfriend made fun of me for crying during that episode of SFU, but it is so sad! Especially when Ruth dies.

    Have fun at the potluck. Wish I was in Cali!

  3. Well... you'll have to write all about it, then.

    You are becoming quite the cupcake diva! When do I get a bite?

  4. I cried my eyes out during that one as well. I miss that show.

    My husband is making his very famous "Poulet Boucanee" or Buccaneer Chicken. It's got everything in it from Rum to the sugar cane it is smoked on! It's always been a crowd pleaser. He is so excited to come home tonight and start the marinating process.

    G, my soup was nothing compared to your lovely onion soup..but I was so tired.

    I'll have to go find that your clubhouse.

  5. Fethiye - OMG, I so cannot wait. I heart Turkish food. Even have a whole book on it so I can make my own botched attempts at it.

    Jacob - Rob was a butt last night too. He didn't get why i was crying. The butt. Ruth and Claire really got to me.

    JJ - Of course I will! Next time I get a chance to see eveyone down there, you can promise I will bring cupcakes so we can be all diva-liscious together.

    M - Rum is always a crowd pleaser! As for the soup, meh, it's a guideline recipe, the most important part to it is a lot of time and pateince. I remember trying to get it done in under 20 minutes. I went out for tacos 30 minutes later. As for the club house, gah, I need to move into a house with a backyard.

  6. Enjoy your potluck! I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    So you finally got around to reading Kitchen Confidential? I enjoyed it. Actually reviewed it on my own blog:

  7. After much deliberation...I know what I am making...a spin on an ethnic favorite...but it's not the chili I told Melly about. I changed my mind already.
    I sooo cannot wait to meet everyone and see you and Melly again. Good times.

  8. Hi Garrett - isn't Kitchen Confidential wild? Even better to listen to it on audiotape - Bordain does the reading. He's hilarious. Have you read Steingarten's The Man Who Ate Everything? Also funny. Less funny but required reading for all foodies is Omnivore's Dilemma. That one's an eye opener.

    Looking forward to this weekend!

  9. Also, to add to the book list, I also recommend Alan Richman's Fork it Over.

  10. Oh Babycakes, me too. And I cannot tell you how MUCH I miss that show. My all-time absolute fave. Gone. Thank goddess for DVD's [though it's still not quite the same as a weekly visit...].

  11. I just read it too. I also read his book "A Cook's Tour" and enjoyed it very much. Facinating.
    I just started Heat by Bill Buford about. So far it's really really good.


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