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Monday, April 2, 2007

(A note: I apologize if this post seems a bit clunky, I am tired from unpacking all of my belongings. Moving sucks.) So I have a few new toys to play with in the cupcake creating process. When I left my old job, my lovely friends gave me a little cupcake courier. Finally! It's one of those things I have been wanting forever, but haven't had the time to actually, you know, get. I guess after watching me balance two pots and who knows how many pieces of Tupperware filled with cupcakes through the doors and up the stairs, they decided it was the best thing to do before I accidentally broke a hip or something.

Second, the lovely Amy has demonstrated to me her psychic abilities. She wrote me an e-mail saying she wanted to send me a little surprise. Well, earlier that week I had been eying a little cupcake recipe book that was filled with some cute recipes and inspiring pictures. I figured this was a clever book I could learn from and decided I would pick it up the next day.

Thus on the said next day, I went to my car and stopped at the mail box, before I went to the bookstore. Lo' and behold, the newest little note card edition of the exact book was sitting in a package from Amy.

I haven't had a chance to use the courier, but plan to get LOTS of use out of it. The book - this edition a cute box with many of the recipes, pictures, and a little how to guide on cupcake baking for those unfamiliar - is excellent. I read the entire thing already. Some of the ideas, recipes, and flavor concepts are very original and give me great ideas for future pictures, plating, and pairings.

I'm a cupcake addict, and am lucky to have enablers in my life. Yayness indeed.


  1. You have Great friends! Good luck on the new apt. and job!


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