Who Wants A Cupcake?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cause no one at work does.

Literally, I cannot give them away. No one here will eat cupcakes. I have come back to the break room to find many undisturbed, and some with only 1/4 of a cupcake cut away, scarred amongst the others left beautiful and untouched.

Many people here are "On a diet." But then the fast food bags at lunch roll out because they didn't have time to plan a meal today. Let's see how great these diets are going in a few weeks. At least others chimed for me noting these perpetrators needed far more self control and planning if these diets were ever going to have a chance.

Some are even incredulous and viper tongued. Take one person I ran into, he looked at the cupcakes and with a *tsk* of the tongue said, "Why do people always bring in their experiments and attempt pawn their food on us? Don't they have people at their own home to feed?"

Pause a second. Now, normally I am a calm and collected person when dealing with people and co-workers. (Family and friends, will tell you otherwise because I allow myself to break down from stress on a regular basis with them.) But this time, without any thought, I just snapped.

"Well then don't eat them."

"Are these yours?"



We made nice later after he apologized, I think it was just a bad case of Mondays. Still, the fact that the thought process for this reaction existed in the first place still has me in shock. I had to re-write much of this essay already due to the ranting string of colorful four letter words in a variety of languages.

In the end they were all taken, but only because a few people took some home to family. Seriously, I'm going to have to train these people to enjoy food. A few do, but I have seen WAY to many fast food bags every single day here. It needs to stop. I myself am guilty of pre-packaged meals one or two days of the week. I'm only human. But a few days of the week I pack a meal the night before so I can grab and go and have a healthy lunch and a snack or two. This greasy bag habit here needs to stop.

And maybe I should direct them to a diet plan that, you know, works.


  1. See that is strange to me. I usually go down to the company lunchroom at noon and find my containers empty. I get e-mails from employees telling me that they loved my latest creations and when am I making more. Even when I think what I put down there was crap.

    Do you work in a place that has lots of healthy people? Well, probably not since you talked of the fast food bags. Maybe they just get mad cause you are tempting them when they are somewhat trying to be good. Ship your stuff over here, they will snarf up those delicious creations.

  2. they don't eat your cupcakes, but devour junk/fast food? how lame!

    i hope everything is fine at your new place, and all your stolen things been replaced.

    i've been enjoying reading you so much! when are you coming to Davis? take care! :-)

  3. I want a cupcake! The black-bottom one looks delicious.

    You are absolutely right about the fast food. It's ridiculous that people think a cupcake from scratch has more fat than a sodium, high fat fast food entree.

    It sounds like the people at your work have had too much of a good thing. It's like the woman I just talked to who was complaining she has to go to Palm Springs after just getting back from Hawaii :-).

    P.S. Thanks for the welcome on my new blog.

  4. I see the same thing here at my work. My coworker is on a "diet" so she eats lean cuisine frozen meals every day for lunch. That crap is like 250 calories, completely unsatisfying, and the ingredient list is a mile long... By mid afternoon, she's starving again. I don't get it. I'd much rather eat real food.

    I'll eat ALL your cupcakes, any day.

  5. How rude! I can't believe someone would say that to you...personally, I think its very sweet that you bring in cupcakes for your co-workers!

  6. I assumed that you were working at a food magazine, but I must be wrong. Please tell me that food magazine peeps don't deny the cupcake and embrace the fast food. That would be so disheartening.

  7. Well you know that when people are on a diet they are usually being deprived of their bad habits, which turns them into mean mean people. I can get like that when I'm cutting out certain things in my diet. Still...I would have graciously accepted the cupcake and would not have been so darn rude!


  8. I can't believe that! (Well, yes I do--but you know what I mean!) They are so lucky to have you bringing them your world famous cupcakes. In any other office there would be people waiting in line to get your cupcakes. Maybe there are crazy fumes in that building and it's making them odd.

  9. Oh my gosh, someone seriously said that? That's so messed up. I'd be so insulted.

    And I want a cupcake!

  10. I bet you never thought you'd miss Davis? That's too bad. I don't get people in the work place like that.

    I've come to the conclusion that some people are just rude. If I were you, I'd just save the goodies for family and friends who enjoy them.

    Your new co-workers obviously have more preservative inclined taste buds.

  11. Do you want my address?

    Send cupcakes! :)

    Sounds like your grumpy co-worker needed a cupcake...that or sex.

  12. You seem to come into contact with the strangest people!

  13. If one excerises on a regular basis, and eats a healthy diet, a cupcake or two will not affect the waistline. Just show these fast-food dieters the movie "Super-Size Me". They will never eat anything fast food again.

  14. How odd and unfortunate! I wish you could send them to me!

  15. I agree with fer guimaraes, that is totally lame to eat fast food then pass on your delectable cupcakes! I would definitely help you eat them if I lived nearby, especially since it's finals period at school I could sure use a cupcake (or two)!

    (Baking and Books)

  16. "Who Wants A Cupcake?"

    *raises hand*
    I do! I will trade you for an Oatmeal Whoopie Pie... :)

  17. Sorry to hear about your lame co-workers. Clearly they have no taste buds. Or manners. Maybe you can restore both when they realize how incredible of a baker you are. Though to be honest, it sounds like they are not worthy of your creations.
    p.s. I would love a cupcake

  18. I WISH someone at work would bring in cupcakes. My office mates and I feel like we are turning into Dustin Hoffman in Stranger Than Fiction, taking off our shoes and licking our fingers after lunch during appointments. On second thought, maybe we're better off because of our lazy food-bringing ways.

  19. My colleagues are very suspicious of the food I bring in. Has to do with me coming from Africa. Apparently my food is 'wierd'. That said, over the years that I have worked here they have overcome some of their suspicions - they will eat biscuits and cakes that they recognise, and will try most of the Italian stuff I bring in, but if the food item is obviously South African they are very very wary...

  20. I will glady find a home for your cupcakes in my belly. I refuse to eat fast food but will faint at the sight of a properly done baked good. These people should be burned at the stake!

  21. I used to LOVE it when other Nurses brought what they had baked/experimented...whatever...it was so generous of them to share....
    what sort of ass clowns do you put up with?? ;)
    wish you could send some to Newfoundland....please?????


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