My New Kitchen and Settling In

Friday, April 11, 2008

So I have a good substantial post coming up, just haven't much time to write the past few days. Anywhose, this is the kitchen. More cabinet space that I could possibly use, but thats a good thing. New marble tile back splash and floor. New oak cabinetry. New fridge coming in a few days.
Dining space gets a lot of great light, though the yard out there has zero grass so it needs a bit of work. I also plan to re-upholster the chairs to my dining table as soon as I locate a staple gun I can borrow. Only downside here is the electric stove and lack of dishwasher, but I've lived fine without both, it's just hard adapting back to things one has gotten used to.

Overall, I guess I am getting used to the place. It isn't quite hell, and it actually somewhat charming. Still the the area isn't exactly picturesque suburbia, far from it in fact, but a step up from the Rosemont area of Sacramento where I was. I am feeling a bit more at home, and the duplex itself is charming. The bathroom a bit inky dinky, but I'll live. I think the shock of moving just really hit me hard.Anyways with the kitchen I need to add some art in here at the far wall to give it some more color and life. Maybe put some fruit in that bowl. Any ideas, suggestions, or links to great resources are always welcome in the comments! My taste for design isn't exactly spot on so I always appreciate any advice.


  1. Your new home looks beautiful; I love the bowl on the dining table. Lemons would be lovely, if a little obvious. Maybe you could try something a little unusual like a bowl of artichokes... something quirky as a juxtaposition to the setting. Just like your lovely cupcakes :)

    dee from choosandchews

  2. It's aaallll about Apartment Therapy dear Garrett. Check it out:

    It's my daily addiction.

  3. Hey! I recognize that table and chairs, my grandma gave me a set just like it after I graduated from college. Oh, the memories :)

    Good luck with the new place...

  4. If you're looking for original art check out the project. They offer two original pieces each week, the smaller copies run in a limited print of 200 for $20, the medium size run 20 for $200 and the largest/originals there are 2 total each costing $2000. There was a black and white print of a street that I loved but they're out of the small size and I'm not sure I can convince DH that $200 for the larger one is the best investment at the moment.

    If you want some art that's a bit more generic but not wal-Mart generic try . Lots of the artists there sell copies of their work from the site and you can find just about anything there. Flowers, nudes, beaches, abstract, fantasy, cooking.... you'll find it :)

    Other than that.... pick a color theme, keep it simple- only choose one or two major points of interest in a small room, and don't try to mix styles unless you're gifted. For small rooms a clean style without lots of froofy pillows and knick-knacks is probably best. Black and white is nice, but I prefer just a touch of color somewhere.


  5. Your vanilla and garlic pics look great. Take print outs of them at costco or some place. Use a black frame hang it on your kitchen wall one below the other, they would look gr8!

  6. I have gotten some really great art at thrift stores! Cheap.

    You can borrow our staple gun any ole' time.

    I agree with Shankari about the vanilla and garlic idea..for prints. Perfecto.

  7. All those cabinets! I am so jealous of all your cabinets and counter space. I agree with Kate, Apartment Therapy is a great place for inspiration.

  8. Ooo awesome cabinet space! Can't wait to see all the creations to come out of there. :o)

  9. Oh have fun with the re-upholstering those chairs I just recovered mine yesterday... I got a staple gun from Walmart just a light duty $15 one.... should have spent the extra $2.50 and got the heavy duty as I had to chase each staple in with a hammer!!! Don't forget the extra batting to make the chairs extra cushy!!

  10. Look at all of that cabinet and counter space! I'm jealous (although I do think that probably everyone on the planet has more counter space than I have).
    Glad you are slowly settling in.


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