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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rogue Creamery up in Oregon is well known on the West Coast for their delicious, fruity, Italian style blue cheeses. Established in 1935 when Tom Vella arrived from Sonoma, California to the Rogue River Valley. The cheeses are made in a very Italian style as Vella himself learned while in Champagne and Cambalou, as such he had four limestone and cement caves built at his creamery in order to produce similar effects like classic Roquefort cheese. This has produced stunningly flavorful blue cheeses that are now known nation and world wide. Most any cheesemonger or market with a good cheese selection should carry their products.

Type: Raw, Cow

Taste: Creamy and smooth, surprisingly mild for a cheese that emulates traditional Gorgonzola. In fact we called it a brie with a hint of blue. If you're new to blue cheese, I do believe this one would be a great way to start. The texture is easy, with a slight bit of granulation to it. Appearance wise, I find this cheese visually striking, the white slowly evolves into a tinged mustard yellow color and the veins of blue and green that dot and striate it are vivid and entertaining.

Serve With: This cheese best pairs with a very sweet and fruity balsamic vinegar. The slightly more than medium saltiness of it makes it an ideal choice for flavorful fruits such as citrus or figs, whereas berries and pommes might be a bit to take to really give it a proper go. The soft, natural rind has a firmness to it that would make for a tasty grilled cheese sammich if paired with a bit of radicchio and a heavy walnut or rustic multi-grain bread.



  1. I adore blue vein cheeses...pair it with fruit and some wine and that makes a perfect meal for me.

  2. My dad brought some of this back from a trip to Oregon. Perfect on a slice of comice pear.

  3. Am going to link to this post, as this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite blue-veined cheeses!

    This is a decidedly "un-local" delite here in WI, but it's an import that I make exception for since it's so incredibly lovely.


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