Then how did we get green tea as a flavor?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

While at Lowes looking at some gardening stuff...

Guy Behind Me: "Yeah, you didn't know? Asians can't eat ice cream, they're all lactose intolerant."

Lady Behind Me: "Really? All of them?"

Guy Behind Me: "Yeah, it's genetic. That's why you never see them at Baskin-Robbins."

I bet this guy gets an "A" in his workplace diversity class, no?

Also, if you didn't know, it's most likely that ice cream was invented in China.


  1. Wow... just wow...

    As a lactose intolerant Asian-American, I'm afraid I conform to the stereotype. HOWEVER, you would see me in Baskin-Robbins because ice cream is worth the discomfort. Plus, there's always Lactaid... =P

    I always enjoy your blog! =)

  2. Do all Asians know martial arts too??

    Geez. Anywho, as a non-lactose intolerant Asian American, I'd like to say, I LOVE ICE CREAM.

    And Baskin-Robbins.

    And thank you for breaking stereotypes and sharing new info :) I didn't know ice cream was likely invented in China!

  3. People never cease to amaze me with their stupidity.

  4. Uhhhhhhhhhhh...funny thing is I just got back from Japan where (at least in the Nagoya area) there are SEVERAL Baskin Robbins stores. They are known among the Japanese simply as Thirty-One.

  5. Wow... just scary. Where do you find these people?

    Here, make life happy, dark chocolate and raspberry creme brulee... let me test the recipe, if it works I'll share :)

  6. They may have exaggerated the truth but they are not that far off. The NIDDK estimates that 90-100% of Asian-americans are lactose intolerant. Please see the following link.

    I'm really not sure when the green tea flavor was invented but I suspect its relatively modern. And the link to wikipedia suggests that there are much earlier inventions of ice cream-like products and admits that the assertion about China cannot be confirmed, and even if it were the quote suggests a syrup base and not a milk base adding little to your theory.

  7. HAAAAAA! I love those conversations you over-hear and are just sooo funny, you just can't wait to share it with someone.
    Actually, some people say everyone is lactose intolerant to a certain degree. We are the only animals that still drink milk after 1 year old. Eh, whatever.

  8. I was scared enough for the state of this country...

    Absolutely hysterical. Where do they find you?

  9. It never ceases to amaze me the number of really stupid people you encounter.

  10. I spend over a week in Japan, and ate ice cream twice a day.

    It's everywhere in asia!

  11. I love reading overheard snippets! - Your lactose intolerant casein allergic half Jewish Scott-Irish Polish celiac xoxo

  12. Omg. There're Baskin-Robbins like every five blocks in Seoul. And you can get this awesome bucket of ice cream. It's like a bucket of chicken, except with scoops of ice cream. Any flavors you want. I saw a woman going home with close to twenty scoops of different kinds of ice cream in one bucket!

  13. A friend (an Asian-American friend) told me the same thing and was surprised to find that another (Asian-American) friend of ours wasn't lactose-intolerant. I read a story recently about milk prices on the world market - it seems milk is now a valuable commodity because Starbucks and various ice cream chains are moving into the Asian market and so milk is in high demand.


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