Cheese Profile: New Zealand Cheddar

Friday, February 26, 2010

-A charmer to be sure.-

Who wants to take home a B-List cheddar? When Fiscalini Bandage Cheddar or Reade's are so trendy no one wants to be seen with something from from nowhere, California; or worse, Kraft. (So D-List.)

It's obvious to see why the A-Listers in the cheddar world are such stars. Lincolnshire Poacher is meaty, it has cojones and can stand up to any food or drink you pair at it. Grafton, a popular Vermont cheddar, representin' the East Side of US cheddars, is smooth and a little bit sweet. Westcombe is tame and a tad bit floral, which makes it either the black sheep or white lamb of the cheddars (and either way you lean it's still tasty with a slice of apple).

Yet one has to give a little bit of attention to New Zealand cheddar. Flavorful and firm. A reliable cow's milk cheese. That's what this cheddar is: all-purpose cheddar.

Affordable, amenable, it's a good cheddar to take home to mom. Not so sharp that it'll scare her off like bringing home an ex-convict boyfriend named Tattoo, but not so mild that she'll politely excuse herself to commit suicide in the kitchen from boredom. New Zealand cheddar possesses a soft, but reserved, texture, and offers eyebrow-raising repartee at the dinner table.

And, oh my, it does love the table. Grilled cheese, gougères, fondu; it does it all and charms you with sultry looks and quick kisses when no one's looking.

It proves to you that it deserves equal treatment to the likes of A-List cheddars.

Move over Grafton, I'm taking New Zealand home with me.

-Tasty, delicious cheddar cheesy poofs.-


  1. You crack me up Garrett! You are quite talented for linking cheddar, south park, and gougères in one post! I am often random and somehow link all of my randomness together, but not this well.

    Great post! :)

  2. Your cheddar cheese poof look divine!

  3. Those cheesy poofs look so good, I might actually have to bake something!

  4. I am new to the blog and just discovered your cheese profiles. Heaven sent! World's best descriptor of cheese. Ever. Love it.


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