Like Wine? Like Kids? Combine the Two!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

So this is a plug for my work, and as shameless as the plug is, it really is for a good cause, and I hope anyone in the area who can afford to go will. These are children from families who truly depend on organizations and programs like this to help their families function and survive. Sometimes it's the very last option.

Please help if you can. Enjoy a lot of wine from over thirty vineyards. Enjoy a variety of meat, produce, and cheeses from local producers. Help a few people out. >^.^<

Best of the Barrel Benefit Wine Tasting

Friday, October 13, 2006
5-8 PM
Nugget Market on Covell in Davis
Tickets are $30
(530) 750-3800 or go to either Nugget Market in Davis for tickets.

If you would like more information on, or would like to help the Yolo Crisis Nursery program, or FamiliesFirst, please visit the links below.
Yolo Crisis Nursery


  1. Mmm...child wine. Kidfandel?

  2. kidfandel, cute hehe.

    If I were there, you can bet your sweet little tush I would go! Unfortauntely I won't be anywhere near the CA area til the last week of October. Good luck with the benefit!

  3. I had to add, I read your interview on ThisNext and I was lmao. I especially loved the line: "Well basically I have to keep a variety of both ingredients on hand or I'll shrivel up and die, much like Madonna with attention." HAHA!


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