The Sweet, The Savory, The Cupcake

Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm not exactly the world's best baker. I mean I have a few select recipes that I can pump out without much problem, those being my rhubarb cake, a few cookie recipes, and the olive onion bread. Everything else usually has a penchant to taste like burning.

I however, decided to take on something a little more ambitious and attempt a gourmet cupcake. I've always admired the cupcakes designed by Chockylit over at the Cupcake Bakeshop, and finally decided to give one a try. Her Late Summer Peach, Blueberry and Thyme Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting seemed like the perfect place to start.

I won't write the recipe as you can easy follow the link, but let me just comment about it and the experience. To begin with I had good feelings about this one as it seemed like a good place to start with gourmet baking; just difficult enough, yet good for a beginner. Plus it sounded darn tasty. After shopping for the ingredients, and getting cruised at Safeway (a shot for my ego, yayness!), I began the sweet n' savory cupcake mission.

The cupcakes turned out a-freakin'-mazing. I don't think I've ever had a better cupcake. Homemade beats out store bought and "from a box" cupcakes hands down. I had to substitute raspberries for blueberries, but it didn't matter. The smooth cream cheese frosting with the sweet-tart bursts of fruit folded into the vanilla cake was perfectly complimented by the subtle bite of thyme. The whole experience was this adalusian sensation.

Taking them into work, everyone raved about them and even came to me for seconds. I've promised to attempt another Chockylit recipe, and bring it into work once again. This is a train that may runaway from me, but I don't think I care. I mean hell, it's a train of frosting and moist fluffy goodness, what's not to love?

This recipe also helped me conquer my fear of baking, and given me the gusto to try anything and everything. Plus I figured out how to really get the most out of the sketchy easy bake built into the wall I call an oven! Yayness! And I only burnt myself once!

It was a shibby experience to be sure. One I hope to have again and again!


  1. I think you can only go up from store bought cupcakes and that looks incredible!! Thyme and blueberry...very interesting

  2. Darling did you have a good week! Moist fluffy goodness, indeed. [I'm jealous.]

  3. I had a lovely berry tart with thyme ice cream in a restuarant once. The flavours are great together!

    I don't think I should start making cupcakes though. I'd eat them all by myself and then make more and more and more!

  4. Shibbalicious! Good job on the baking.
    I love cupcakes because they are portion controlled and great for parties! I served three different kinds at my last birthday because I couldn't decide on one flavor!

  5. Oooh, YUM! If I lived closer to you, I'd thump on your door and demand a cupcake! Consider yourself lucky. ;-)

  6. Wow, your words make it sound divine! I'll have to not take your word for it and try it for myself though. :)

  7. Damn, that does sound good. I don't think I've ever had a cake with thyme. I LIKE THYME. And fruit. And cake. And frosting. GIMMEH!

  8. To all: Seriously, give these a try! They are the definition of shibby!

  9. Yum! I was planning to take chocolate cupcakes with hazelnut frosting to my potluck sunday...but I think I need to try these instead. I wonder if it's too late in the season here to find fresh blueberries....hrrrmmm...have to let you know how that goes.

    ps- just found your blog. very looking forward to reading the 'back issues' cheers.

  10. "it's a train of frosting and moist fluffy goodness, what's not to love?"

    hahha i LOVE reading your blog! congrats on the cupcake success.. even though this comment is VERY late <3


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