Ad-meyer-ing Cupcakes

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rob has been at me to make him a lemon cupcake the past few weeks, and after coming across some meyer lemons at the farmer's market and with a potluck coming up at work, I figured why not knock out two birds with one stone?

This is another recipe from Cupcake Bakeshop. Sure I could innovate something new, but I was limited on time and really, my brain was way to fixated on already figuring out the next cupcake I was planning on inventing in the lab this weekend. I've got to say this cupcake went fast and was very popular. The whole thing is insanely tasty and filling. One cake will do the job perfectly.

I was left with a lot of cupcake guts and LOTS of curd left over, which has already been utilized for fruit, bagels, and vanilla ice cream. I might make some more for the purpose of canning it once I learn to can! Meyer lemons were uber-shibby in this, and I would like to try blood oranges next round of this cupcake for that super tart taste and the deep red color.

This cupcake has a bonus in that, while it is a bit labor intensive, the surprise on people's faces is worth it. This cupcake is what food should be - surprising and interactive. The pop of the lemon curd in the middle is a surprise for those biting into as they probably expect a lemon cake, not creamy lemony goodness sticking to the corners of your mouth. It plays with you. Excites you. The lemon seduces each and every bite, and the frosting and cake give you a hearty "Damn this is tasty," attitude.

Next time I might reduce the egg, flour, and vanilla a bit to lessen the density and vanilla-ness of it (I never thought I would say that). Overall, the recipe is easy and forgiving to simple mistakes.

Another cupcake premiers next week. If you want a sneak peak, then just think curry.


  1. Lovely pics! I bet these are wonderful!

  2. You had me at Meyer lemon.

    These would be my favorite cupcakes ever--Meyer lemon anything is my favorite anything.

    It's good you don't live closer, I would be showing up on your doorstep, begging for a cupcake.

  3. You are quite the cupcaketeer! Too bad I don't live closer! I love cupcakes! :)

  4. Curry and cupcakes? Hmm... you have me intrigued....

    And I agree with tea, you had me at meyer lemon. This cupcake looks delicious.

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  5. This is such a gorgeous blog! Positively dreamy pictures too!

  6. Garrett, you SHOULD sell those cupcakes. I would buy them, since I don't bake well. :-*

  7. Oh my God, that was the most provocative description of a cupcake ever! I'm sorta turned on.

  8. Those look fabulous! And I'm very excited about the curry...sounds so exotic.

  9. Cupcakes are great !!! Not so forgiving for my waistline... ah well but we only live once.

  10. Girl! You need to zest all those lemons? Not just plop them in a bowl when you've spent them of their juices!

    You can freeze the zest, silly, making meyer lemon anything, anytime, all the more easy!

  11. those look like perfect little cupcakes, yum!

  12. hey boy. these look mighty good and as soon as i can find me an elusive 'meyer lemon' (hah, as if they ACTUALLY exist!) i will be SURE to make these. tallyho.

  13. wonderful recipe G... but I would like to set in motion for you, A wonderful saying other than,

    " work, I figured why not knock out two birds with one stone?"

    not only will my suggestion sound so much more pleasing to the ear, but it is incerdibly appropos...

    "Feed Two Birds with One Seed!"

    can't wait to try the recipe... I am a sucker for meyer lemons =D


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