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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I recently found out that Vanilla Garlic was mentioned in the Sac Bee's taste section! Special props to Judith for letting me know about it. I am also sending out props to Mike for popping me in! Plus it was also mentioned on the SFist! Shibby indeed and yayness! (Yeah... it gets both.)

As for the sidebar, I've added a few tasty tid-bits you should definetly check out! One is Chow.com, an excellent site filled with shibby little articles on food, recipes, wine trends, and so on. Three other blogs were also added. Acme Instant Food is just god damn hilarious, I always have a smile after reading it's well written posts. Ari's Baking and Books is artistic, prolific, and well photographed. Her blog's layout is clean, crisp, and comforting to read while wrapped up in a blanket. Lastly there's Better Bitter Blonde; history, cooking, blonde jokes. Where can you go wrong?

You'll also notice the cupcake dropdown menu has been added so that the various cupcake recipes can be easily looked up! Dear lord, I am writing this way too late an night, my big word list in brain is shot, and I've had to go back four times cause I'm writing this to South Park and started dictating it and misspelling every other word.

Okay, so this is a Sac Food Blog, and it's been a while since I had a chance to cover any local (or semi-local) events going on, so:

Mountain Mandarin Festival
Nov. 18 & 19
Gold County Fair Grounds in Auburn
$5 Admission
Variety acts, kids events, crafts, contests, and of course food galore!

Tomorrow, a cupcake. Promise. It has meyer lemons involved, and meyer lemons rock pretty hard. I'll also be awake when I write the post. Plus, many more cupcakes, recipes, restaurant reviews, and so on should be expected soon. I need sleep now. Brain no work. Nrraaarrrgh.


  1. Congrats on the Bee mention, G! Are you going to be entering anything in the Mandarin Festival's recipe contest?

  2. Garrett--Thanks for the mention and the link! *bows deeply* Hey, what's this? I think I found some tasty cupcake crumbs on your floor!

    Occasionally I'll awake and read a post that I wrote late the night before. I immediately panic and rush to edit out all the grammar, spelling and incoherent blah blah and pray like crazy that nobody read it. There are always those dang early morning readers on the east coast who have been up for hours and are convinced that I need to cut back on the vino.

  3. meyer lemon!! hmm_nmmm-mmmm!!! :-)

  4. You're so sweet! Thanks for the mention. And congrats on the Bee mention from me too!

    Very excited about the cupcake drop-down menu!

  5. Thank you so much for the nod - wow! What a pleasant surprise to find while doing somemorning blog reading. :)

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  6. Congrats on the Bee listing..and for everything you do here on this fab food blog.

    I am in Portland now...and am having some mighty fine eats indeed.

    I had a cupcake at this chocolate shop...it was good, but not as creative and fresh as yours.


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