In Due Time

Thursday, November 2, 2006

I seem to be getting home from work later and later nowadays with less time to really cook a good dinner. With that I am finding myself planning meals far in advance now. I mean, I already have my Thanksgiving-for-Two pretty much all planned out.

I'm gathering the recipes together, double checking ingredient lists, allocating pots and dishes and counter space, caluclating cooking and prep-times for my tiny ass kitchen. All so that this multicourse magnanimous feast can take place. I love it.

I am also finding myself blasting through tons of ideas for soups (many put aside due to my lack pf a blending aparatus at the moment) and more than a few cupcake ideas. Seasonal ingredients call my name. Cupcake tins jump out at me. A side of pancetta forces itself into my hands, knowing all well, there's not enough of it for all that I wish to do with it. All to the point where I am becoming frustrated and overwhelmed at the amount I want to do and the lack of funds or time to do it all. It's enough to make you rip out your hair, scream into the wind, curse the movement of the universe, and be overcome in envy of God's ability to be able to see the types and patterns of all things; all just to have a moment for a quick cook and nibble.

It's not just food from my own kitchen though, far from it. Restaurants beckon me to their tables. 55 Degrees devilishly beguiles me, tempts me with its seductive ways. Mulvaney's engages to me a decadent experience, a chance to richly play with my tastes and sensations. The cold, meltingly sweet promise of sushi drives me to Kru, and a nightly celebration at Opa! Opa! encourage me to come for just one shot of ouzo which will undoubtedly lead to many more.

Oh, the places I'll go! The things I will eat! The meals I will prepare!

In due time, of course.


  1. Had a lovely, lovely lunch at Kru today. Sushi that almost melted in my mouth. Mmmmm...

  2. Well, keep the posts comming! I've become a regular visitor and I really enjoy your wit and...what is it again...shi...sho...shibby style!

  3. Kim - I hate you. LOL.

    Acme - Oh hun, this in no way means I'm gonna stop posting. I was just bitching about my lack of time. I will still be posting plenty, I just want MORE time to cook.

  4. Too many tastes, too little time! I agree. Sigh.

    By the way, Handsome, I just posted [finally] the response to your Southwest cookbooks query. Thanks for your patience.

  5. I don't know about you, but I'm hella excited for Thanksgiving. I am cooking dinner along with my sister-in-law who bakes well but is a bit challenged in the I'll probably be handling the turkey myself. Should be fun!

  6. Run, don't walk, to Macy's and get youself an immersion blender. It's the small-kitchen-owner's best friend on a lot of levels, but especially when it comes to soup.


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